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Anti-Dominionist movement in Evangelical Christianity?

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...there is an incredibly large and beautiful social movement exploding among evangelicals right now that stands for nearly all of the same causes and goals that secular progressives do. Those goals include: eliminating poverty, saving the environment, promoting justice and equality along racial, gender and class lines and for immigrants—and even separation of church and state.

By learning to work together with “progressive” evangelicals, secular progressives will stand a better chance of achieving their goals and also learn an enormous amount from these remarkable people and their organizations that will help secular progressives strengthen their own movement.

This evangelical “revolution,” as one Christian pollster has labeled it, is unquestionably the fastest growing and most surprising of American social movements today. Whichever way you measure, it probably dwarfs the secular left.

If this is accurate, then this "progressive evangelical" movement is truly the polar opposite of Dominionism. Can anyone confirm or refute the existence of such a movement? I think the Barna Group study mentioned last week points in this direction, but I'm curious to know if it's as pervasive as the above writer makes it seem.

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