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Verizon: dominionist connections? How about other telecom companies?

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I found this recent article very disturbing in that private communications companies can and apparently have prevented groups they don't agree with from communicating with their members. The end of the article puts the issue this way:

In a sense, the Verizon episode raises questions about what can happen when companies allow corporate ideology to influence the services they provide. What's to stop other telecom companies from censoring materials they deem offensive or simply disagree with?

"This doesn't violate the 1st Amendment because it involves private entities," said Marvin Johnson, legislative counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union. "But it certainly violates the spirit of the 1st Amendment."

Now, in this case, Verizon changed its mind, apologized, and let Naral communicate with its pro-choice members, but geez, doing this in the first place sounds extremely heavy-handed and dominionist to me.

I use Verizon for internet and phone, and would hate to think my money might support this kind of behavior. Any thoughts?

[Postscript] Or as Brett suggested, is it more likely that they are bowing to dominionist pressure? Why did they do this in the first place?

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More White House ties to Dominionism...


Courtesy of [info]fairydusted27:

Between stuff like this and the ties the Christian Conservatives/GOPeeps have with Blackwater USA, I'm starting to get really creeped out in this country...

Just sayin.

Video Summation:

It's in regards to Dick Cheney's recent visit to the ultra-conservative Dominionist group Council For National Policy, which boasts such members as Rev. Tim "Left Behind Series" LaHaye, Pat Robertson, Gary Bauer, and the late Jerry Falwell. Cheney met the Council "at an undisclosed location" in Utah and addressed them for several hours.

Just more evidence of the Religious Right taking and exerting more control over what used to be our government.

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Operation Save America dumps GOP?

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Further to this post about Dominionists deserting the GOP, a trawl of some of the less savoury sites around the web came up with this rather outraged article :

Operation Save America's fury at GOP candidates

According to the author (Rev. Flip Benham, the apparently "Methodist" director of OSA), the Republican Party has forfeited the right to govern because everyone - from Jerry Falwell to James Dobson to Rudy Giuliani - has failed to focus "properly" on the "war" on abortion, sodomy, etc ad nauseam. In fact, the apparently certain victory of Senator Hillary Clinton has been recast as God's judgment on America. Dobson and Falwell should stand aside and let "the hammer of God" fall, rather than attempt to rehabilitate the GOP candidates.

There's no talk here of a third party candidate - rather, an inevitable Democrat victory is something that should not be resisted by people of faith.


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Former Senator Rick Santorum isn't a stupid guy, not by a long shot. I used to think so after I heard his utterly baseless slippery-slope argument in support of keeping the Gays from getting uppity married. Now that he's out of office, he's making speeches. I just read one.

It scared the living crap out of me. )

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Impolite Dinner Conversation - a series on religion and politics

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Hey all,

I've started a series on my own LJ, looking into the possible allegiances and pandering of Australian politicians to Dominionist and evangelical groups. I wasn't sure if I should post it here, so I thought I'd provide a link instead.

If anyone's interested, come on over to my house.

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