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A question about a certain school...


This is my first post on [info]dark_christian and I've been reading since the first LJ strikethrough.

The other day, I had noticed a girl in my choir (high school, she goes to a Baptist church and I live in Texas) had a shirt from a place called "Evangel" and it gave an address.

I decided to look up the school on google and I found some startling things:

1) Evangel University - The website states that it is a "private, coeducational Christian university associated with the Assemblies of God".

2) On the Wikipedia entry (here), it states that it's also a "private liberal arts university". What scares me is that one of its notable alumni is our all time favorite "John Ashcroft".

But besides from these two things I don't know how much about it. I was wondering if [info]dogemperor or other members here might know something. What worries me is that they're parading themselves as "Liberal Arts" and trying to say they're "academic". Might this possibly another new "avenue" or "route" to getting more recruits/convertees?

I think a few other people at my school might have participated at a program (possibly over the summer or through a church-related event) there or might possibly want to go but I hope the number doesn't grow any larger.

If there's any way to quell my fears and suspicions on this, please let me know!

ETA: When I wrote this post, I was hoping to know if it's currently had any major influence beyond being an de facto "assemblies training center" (I don't know if that's a good way to phrase it). But thank you for clarification.

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FCC blocks UCC ad for pro-gay ads

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]navytron89)  I don't know if this was covered here earlier but I recently found out that the FCC is again blocking the UCC ads and I find it to say the least bullshit as I have seen these ads here locally in Hampton Roads on both DirecTV and regular channels including CBS and NBC.  The article is here The United Church of Christ, which affirms gays and lesbians and welcomes everyone, is appealing to the full FCC about CBS and NBC refusing to air their pro-gay ads.  

The thing is that this is censorship and makes the Religious Right very uncomfortable about gay and lesbians being accepted by GOD into a church community. The whole anti-gay view of Right is not only wrong its a sad state to reject a person based on sexual orientation. I've a gay cousin and well as several gay, lesbian, and transgendered friends both on LJ and in the real world, so to me its seems retarded to be bigoted toward someone based on a religious scripture over 2,000 years old that has no basis in the modern world. 

The current adminstration in the FCC is very Religious Right oriented and has been since being appointed by the Bush regime back in 2003. This ad which shows religious tolerance to all, is seen by the Right as a personal affront and have done their best to screen or at least make this ad slip under the radar of most viewer.

The times which they have been shown are late at night 11PM or later or during weekend between 3-4 PM when they were shown last about 6 months ago locally. One of the local UCC minsters, made a complaint to the local stations and got them to re-air all the ads. So I can't see the FCC making a big deal about it and should let them run. 

As a former UCC member I think its a nice way for Christian to show tolerance to all, but the Religious Right sees things otherwise.

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Dominionist preaching in the Pentagon

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]catvincent)

From Daily Kos and doing the rounds, this unhappy tale...

Dave Kistler's H.O.P.E Ministries International have made several PA-enhanced preaching sessions at the Pentagon, with official approval, since 2005. The most recent was June 6th and 7th and Kistler described is thus;

"We began our two-week ministry in DC with two days inside the Pentagon. It was my privilege to speak on June 6th at the Pentagon Prayer Breakfast (a second opportunity for me) and on June 7th in the Pentagon Auditorium. I am thrilled to report that three souls were saved among those who attended those events. The new Pentagon Chaplain, Col. William Broome and Deputy Chaplain Maj. Alan Pomaville were gracious
hosts. The time they spent with us, giving us a tour of the Pentagon and introducing us to notable individuals who work there, is something that I will never forget. A highlight of our visit to the Pentagon had to be meeting two-star General David Hicks, the Chief Chaplain of the Army. This incredible Christian gentleman has his testimony in print in the form of a gospel tract, published by Good News Publishers. He is bold and unashamed in his witness for Christ. I look forward to additional times of ministry in the Pentagon and to further cultivation of relationships with these fine men."

There's more... including Prayer Breakfasts and other unpleasantness.

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