Dark Christianity
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Mojave National Preserve cross

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9th Circuit again rules that Mojave cross must come down

A cross that stands 8 feet tall in the vast Mojave National Preserve must come down, a federal appeals court ruled in invalidating a congressionally endorsed land exchange that sought to preserve it.
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Dominionist support for Naugle

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The Ft. Lauderdale mayor who is dealing with the apparent scourge of homosexual sex in Ft. Lauderdale toilets got some help.

Group of clergymen flock to Naugle's side

"A group of Christian clergymen flocked to the side of Mayor Jim Naugle on Tuesday, saying the depth of sexual sin in Broward County necessitates an old-fashioned spiritual revival."

"Elder Mathes Guice of the Koinonia Worship Center in Pembroke Park said the county tourist council's targeted marketing to gay visitors "led the spiritual community on a collision course with Satan.'' He said "we have no other choice but to step up and do the right thing'' by holding the revival."

If you check the video links, you can see the clergymen wearing paramilitary gear. The Koinoinia myspage page refers to themselves as ' “Special OPS (operations) Units” of the church.'.

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