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quick note - creationism on NPR tonight

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I caught this morning that on "The World" tonight on NPR, the following will be discussed.

Creationism in Turkey
American creationists have found allies in the Islamic world. When Turkish school teachers discuss evolution, they must now also talk about God.

Just an FYI if anyone was interested. Check NPR.ORG for your local times.

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Things are getting tense in Fort Lauderdale


America Blog reports on the escalating craziness around the Values Voter Presidential Debate

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More Dommie/GovCorp corruption and betrayal of veterans at taxpayers' expense.


Published on Thursday, September 6, 2007 by Inter Press Service

Bush Appointee Campaigns for Evangelicals

The head of the U.S. federal government agency that doles out benefits to disabled veterans is under fire for saying Bible study is “more important than doing [my] job.”
by Aaron Glantz

SAN FRANCISCO - Two organisations, Veterans for Common Sense (VCS) and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), demanded an investigation Tuesday of Daniel Cooper, President George W. Bush’s undersecretary for benefits at the Department of Veterans Affairs.Their complaint stems from an appearance Cooper made in a fundraising video for the evangelical group Christian Embassy, which carries out missionary work among the Washington elite as part of the Campus Crusade for Christ.

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Letter-writing, part deux: Final draft

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Here's the final draft of my letter. Many thanks to those of you who commented on it and told me what I needed to improve it! :)

Word count: 230 total (not counting my signature)

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