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Another note on Texas

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I just read an article over at Pharyngula regarding a bill passed in Texas, soon to become a law (maybe), that basically says students can provide their religious viewpoint in any class without being discriminated against. In other words, if they didn't study for a test they could simply put "Goddidit" and teachers couldn't do anything legally about it.

Excerpt taken from PZ Myers blog (he's got some good linkage going on, so take a gander over there):

The bill is written to appear to be neutral and lawful, but First Amendment Constitutional law already protects legitimate student expressions of religion. The purpose of this bill is to allow students to aggressively state their beliefs about creationism in science and Protestant Christianity in history, health, and other classrooms without fear of contradiction by teachers. The bill states, "Students may express their beliefs about religion in homework, artwork, and other written and oral assignments free from discrimination based on the religious content of their submissions. Students shall neither be penalized nor rewarded on account of religious content." Thus, a biology teacher may not penalize a student for giving answers on biology homework, classwork, and exams that invoke non-scientific creationist explanations of natural phenomena. Students may hold such pseudoscientific beliefs, learned in their churches and Sunday schools, but it is a perversion of science and education to permit such expressions in a science class without contradiction by a science teacher.

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Ted's spiritual restoration team: get a job


From America Blog

OMFG, how humilating.

Ted Haggard's Daddy Dobson-approved Spiritual De-Gaying Oversight Squad has released a statement in light of the disgraced pastor, former male escort client and meth purchaser's outrageous fundraising plea to the faithful to support the lifestyle to which he had been accustomed while heading up New Life Church. (Ted promised the suckers his followers that they would be "rewarded in heaven" for supporting him.)

Ted had planned to move into a Phoenix halfway house, the Dream Center, where he would "minister to men" there while working toward his degree in counseling, but alas, that invitation was just withdrawn.

The restoration team -- godly, clean men who inserted themselves into the life of the fallen pastor, were not pleased. (Rocky Mountain News):

"Mr. Haggard's solicitation for personal support was inappropriate," his church supervisors said in the statement. The statement came one day after the four-member team of ministers responsible for overseeing the spiritual restoration of Haggard met with him in Phoenix.

Last week, Haggard had e-mailed a KRDO-TV reporter in Colorado Springs, asking that supporters send contributions to Families with a Mission, a Monument non-profit run by Paul Huberty, a twice convicted sex offender.

..."It was never the intention of the Dream Center that Mr. Haggard would provide any counsel or other ministry...Mr. Haggard will not be moving in or working with the Dream Center. He will not be doing any ministry. He will be seeking secular employment to support himself."

Dan Savage from Slog, whose reader Dave Coffman discovered Ted's request for cash was to flow through a dissolved non-profit run by a convicted sex offender, said:
Oh, man. What a great day. I fucking live for the day when every asshole out there bilking gullible Christians out of their hard-earned dough -- from the Nazi pope on down -- is told the same damn thing: Get a fucking job, you parasite.

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bringing it all back home

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so i don't normally post to this community, but when I got on the bus tonight, it was crowded and i found myself sitting next to a young guy who looked pretty hip. he had an intelligent look on his face and a stylish haircut. he was carrying a laptop bag with buttons on the strap and was wearing converse and looked like just any other downtown office worker on his way home for a long weekend. he seemed, like a guy like me.

Then he got out his cell phone and began having a conversation on the phone that I couldn't help but overhear that obviously was the continuation of an ongoing discussion with a friend. It was obvious after a while that the friend didn't agree with the guy sitting next to me about what he was saying. I knew this because a.) most people wouldn't what the guy was saying which was possibly the most extreme and highly politicized version of premillenial dispensationalism i've ever heard come out of somebody else's mouth who wasn't on TV or writing on the internet, and b.) it sounded from the things that the guy was saying that his friend was engaged in a long term campaign to convince him otherwise.

I did my best to ignore the conversation, honestly. I felt a little uncomfortable as a third party observer to a conversation about a religious view that I didn't agree with. But then the guy said something made my jaw drop and it's still ringing in my ears. He said "Yeah, it's a really good book, it's well written and I'm sure there's a lot of good information in it, but honestly I'm not going to read it because there just isn't time. We've got to be ready because it's happening soon. The lord Jesus is going to return and we have to be prepared for it and that's what we have to devote all our energy towards."

From this and a couple other overheard snippets I gathered two things 1.) his friend is someone that disagrees with this guy but is someone who is also a Christian and is doing his best to direct this guy toward a different theological view point 2.) there are real people out there, people who are just like me in so many ways, who are so convinced that the end is nigh that they don't believe they have time to consider opposing viewpoints. That scared the crap out of me, and as soon as room opened up in the bus, I moved as far away from him as possible.

I wanted to post this to this community because I have no way to thank his friend. I'm not a Christian myself, but I have a lot of respect for the faith and for the eminently reasonable, decent, and thoughtful adherents of it. I'm sure that the unheard friend and I would disagree about many many things, but never the less here was a person who was patiently and reasonably (voices were never raised, the guy never seemed angry or acted threatened) trying to direct someone else away from a world view that I believe is often dangerous and highly intolerant. I know that there are members of this community who are very much like that friend. Christians who don't see reflected in some of the views of people like Tim LaHaye (that's what this guy sounded like, like a page out of the left behind series) the faith that means so much to them, and want to convince others that you can accept Jesus as your savior and it doesn't require a certain political agenda beyond loving god and loving others.

So for those of you out there, who take the time, who patiently argue, who respectfully disagree, who stand up against theocracy and power hungry hypocrites manipulating the teachings of Jesus in order to remake the world in their own image, well, this non-believer just wanted to say thanks. We probably disagree about a lot, but I got off the bus tonight convinced like never before that ultimately we're on the same side.

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If there was any doubt about Dominionists in politics wanting a Theocracy

As a Republican state senator in Montana and as a human being, I am offended by Senator Craig's existence. Why oh why are most of the perverts that get caught Republicans? Are there more of them or are they just stupid? The thought of a US Senator chasing love in all the wrong places makes me think longingly of the Ayotollahs in Iran. They would just kill the turkey.

Mm, Sharia Law, American Taliban style, where their biblical law is swift and "just".

I'm just wondering when adultery and divorce is going to be treated as sinful as the other immoral behaviors.

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