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Update: Religiously motivated child abuse A-OK according to LJ

Roughly a month or so ago, I wrote an extensive article in regards to two communities on LJ which promote religiously motivated child abuse--specifically [info]trainupachild which promotes the works of the Pearls, Tedd Tripp and Bill Gothard, and [info]babywise which promoted the work of the Ezzos.

These two communities were selected, in part, because they have promoted religiously motivated child abuse that has specifically resulted in the deaths of kids; in part, I was inspired to report on and make formal complaint to LJ Abuse in regards to these due to reports that fanartists were having accounts removed whilst communities that were promoting activity known to be harmful to minors were left alone (in particular, several "pro-anorexia" communities which provided explicit instructions on how to binge and purge, sources of diet pills and laxatives, etc. that LJ had indicated were acceptable despite specific conditions in the terms of service that prohibit any community meant to "harm minors in any way").

A few days ago, Livejournal Abuse finally got back to me in regards to the complaints I had made (which included specific pointers to content promoted)...and, well, I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Livejournal, apparently, sees Harry Potter slash artists as a greater threat to the common good than communities promoting religiously-motivated child abuse and neglect which has proven fatal to Real Life kids )

Needless to say, I have appealed LJ Abuse's info (including providing additional info in pointing out specific TOS violations and also pointing out instances of children who have died because of advice promoted; at least one followup sent to LJ Abuse in regards to [info]babywise contained info re infant deaths directly attributed to the advice given in the "Babywise" books and Babywise support forums as well as info re the original publisher having stopped publishing and even considered a recall when they found out that kids were dying as a result.

I honestly don't expect anything to be done--but I do intend to make a case that real child abuse communities aren't being followed nearly as aggressively as the complaints LJ has acted on with its strikeouts.

(As always, people are free to link/mirror/Digg/etc. this link and wide distribution is encouraged)

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Who's up for nostalgia?

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]edward742)

Step 1 : go to


Step 2 : ignore text.

Step 3 : click links.

...look familiar?

I'd like to thank nebris for launching the original investigation into these individuals when they perpetrated the strikeout. For those still wondering if they're aetheistic white supremacists who just happened to support dominionist positions and candidates, I give you fred's daughter's blog as an added bonus. Note the list of favorite sites.


Nothing important... just figured that some people would get a chuckle out of a walk down memory lane...

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