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Hillsong in the UK

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The Guardian had a feature on the Hillsong juggernaut coming to London:

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Also notable is this production at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year...

' Cash in Christ, a sing-along play satirising the modern capitalist "mega- church", is arguably one of the most controversial productions in a Fringe with the largest satirical content in living memory.

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In regard to Hillsong, it's also worth a look at this piece:

Tanya Levin - a walkaway who wanted answers: )

Worth remembering that the aim of the Dominion is precisely what the name implies... dominion over the whole world and everyone on it. Never think it's just America.

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Cerullo back in London

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Connection to what [info]catvincent was talking about here, I thought it worth flagging up another Dominionist-related event coming up in the UK.

It's another one of Morris Cerullo's "Mission To London" crusades.

I remember going to the first-ever one (we're talking, like, 15 years ago, before the wider world had even *heard* of the word Dominionist) and being unconvinced. By that point, I'd already seen healing happen, and experienced it myself; what Cerullo was doing didn't jibe with my own experiences of divine activity.

But, apparently, the trip was lucrative enough to justify repeated visits; and now he's back.

This is the list of speakers - No sign of Benny Hinn this year (apparently he was there in 2006, though), but Ron Luce is on board, and it only takes preliminary Googling to find heavy Dominionist links inamongst the other guests ("Deception In The Church"-flagged controversies, etc)

MTL is, of course, heavily linked to Hillsong (big surprise there!)

All of this is leading me to wonder whether, since there's already a UK tag in the tag-list, there might scope for something (be it in the Wiki or elsewhere) along the lines of a Who's Who among the major Dominionist players in UK and/or Euro-centric circles. Even if they've not yet achieved the "market penetration" that their American colleagues have, it'd still be interesting to see who pops up as 'repeat offenders'

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Useful Tool

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A new free service, daftdoggy.com might be of interest to Dark Christian. Essentially it's a website that allows you to save your surfing session and then share it and play it back to other users.

I thought of this place because there's such an incredible wealth of links on the community and daftdoggy links might be able to help you organise it a bit better by creating a "guided tour" through Dominionism.

Have look, if you find it useful create an account and have fun. A daftdoggy link posted in a blog would then take the following users through whatever you want to show them.

Mods? If you consider this spam or it's against the community spirit, please fell free to delete.


BTW - I am the site owner of Daftdoggy. Only posting here becuase I honestly think your members will find it useful, especially when organising information and web pages.



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Ohio legislation on abortion

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Floating across the news tracker a couple of days ago was an article from the Record-Courier about proposed legislation to make abortion illegal without paternal consent</a>.

This is one of the stealthiest, sneakiest pieces of unworkable legislation I've seen for a while, and frankly, it smells. The requirements that are proposed would effectively ensure that almost no abortions ever get performed. It's incredibly discriminatory - a claim to not know the father doesn't cut it. The woman would be required to submit a list of "possible" fathers, and submit to pre-natal paternity testing to match the fetus' DNA against the short-list.

It also places a totally unreasonable burden of proof on rape victims - they have to prove their pregnancy is as a result of rape or incest, via police report. And unless said victim is otherwise a nun, there's always the possibility that the pregnancy occurred another way - and we're back to the paternity test idea again.

All in all, this legislation seems designed to bog down a woman's request for abortion in unreasonable, humiliating paperwork, possibly delaying any decision until after a cut-off date has been passed. (Does anyone know Ohio's stance on second trimester abortions?) This is being offered up as a "compromise" to Rep. Tom Brinkman's proposed ban on all abortion, but it seems to be a ban-by-stealth. And that makes me wonder about possible Dominionist agendas here.

The sponsoring Rep is John Adams. Do we know anything about him or his backers/favourite lobby groups??

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So, I have an intelligent friend who's a member of Assemblies of God, and we're discussing the political implications of this. I'm having a hard time finding a decent rundown of what they do with regards to dominionism and their political involvements. Can anyone point me towards a primer, or fill me in?


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