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Todd Bentley/Fresh Fire Ministries


So, today when I was watching God Channel (for research purposes, I swear! :P) they were showing some weird "Faith Healing" congregation, lead by a Todd Bentley of Fresh Fire Ministries - which, by looking at their Statement of Faith and various links, is a Dominionist Evangelist ministry, and it seems they are connected to Joel's Army groups, and there is more on their involvement with 'Joel's Army'.

It also seems the minister, Todd Bentley, has published several CD's/audio works on 'healing ministry'. They don't seem to promote Dominionism, rather than prayer for health problems.

They also operate Global Ministries, which specifically target poorer and war torn areas such as Africa, including The Republic of Uganda. They also have something called a 'Jesus Village'. Personally, I find this particularly worrying; God knows those people have been through enough without a bunch of 'Evangelists' coming to proselytise to them.

I'm not sure how Dominionist they are - but since they're a Joel's Army ministry, I'm not going to underestimate them. Their 'Statement of Faith' also speaks volumes to me (it seems most Dominionist/Fundamentalist groups always place the Bible above God and Jesus.)

Does anyone have more info on this group? If they're dangerous/coercive in any way?
Thanks in advance.

Mods, I wasn't sure what exactly to tag this post under, although I placed it under 'stealth evangelism' - but, just add/remove any tags you feel are appropriate. :)

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Christian organized gangs in kenya

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]lilbrattyteen) Not sure if this is relevant to the geographical scope of the community, but thought it was interesting so here goes.   If I've violated a rule then feel free to delete, I'm not sure on all the rules since this is my first post here

Finished listening to an interesting podcast about gangs in Kenya.  As some of you know, the Mungiki is one of the worst gangs there, according to this.  But go partway down the page and something more interesting turns up:

Of course, Waruinge also has political aspirations.   He's also been in court with criminal convictions.  Scary.

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Arizona exorcism

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]crazyjane13)

Another exorcism attempt gone wrong. A man in Phoenix, Arizona died after police were forced to hit him twice with a taser when he refused to stop the attempted exorcism of his three-year-old granddaughter. Apparently, it was the second time that week.

According to another report from KTVK TV, the child's 19-year-old mother, who was clutching a religious icon, covered in blood and chanting, may face child abuse charges.

The little girl, who had been repeatedly choked, and was screaming and covered in blood, was taken to hospital.

These people are just fucking insane.

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NY Times article re revival of Latin Mass

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This might be OT, so feel free to delete. I thought it was germane to this community though (as well as being interesting), as it suggests that Pope Benedict's recent revival of the Latin mass might prompt a more overt split (and potential grounds for a schism depending on how things evolve) between liberal and conservative Catholics.

The Pope Reopens a Portal to Eternity, via the 1950s.

An extended excerpt below the cut )

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This isn't directly related to dominionism, but Dominionists are linked to the pro-life debate. Not only that, but this is funny, and offers you some argumentative firepower.

Here's an article in Newsweek about Pro-lifers, from protesters to political candidates, can't answer the question "If Abortion is illegal, what should the punishment be for the woman?"

And if you really want to watch them squirm, here is that very question being posed to some pro-life protesters.

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