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Monaghan lightens up a bit on religious rule of Ave Maria

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Despite Catholic feel, developers say Fla. town will be inclusive - AP via First Amendment Center

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Are high-profile evangelical leaders endangering victims of domestic violence?

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Bill Berkowitz discussing the problem of Evangelist (and, though he doesn't use the term, Dominionist) leaders restricting the option of divorce for battered wives. In part a review of "Woman Submit! Christians & Domestic Violence" by Jocelyn Andersen.

' Andersen, whose account of physical abuse by her husband makes for a harrowing first chapter, says that the problem is exacerbated by misguided advice and use of outdated information in the writing of Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, and Dr. John MacArthur, a pastor-teacher at the Sun Valley, California-based Grace Community Church. "We do see some very big-name evangelical leaders blaming the battered woman for the abuse," Andersen explained. "You know, talking about how she may provoke her husband into doing it; or that her poor, non-communicative husband can't handle maybe what she's trying to communicate to him and he lashes out and hits her -- [that] shifts the blame right off him and to her." '

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Michael Schmidt of Trumpet of the Lord Ministries

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Does anyone get any pings on their Dominionist-dar when they read this fellows home page, resume, mission statement, or references?  I marched with this fellow in a drum and bugle corps more than 25 years ago, and I know that he's a Fundamentalist Southern Baptist, but I don't know if he's a Dominionist or connected to Dominionists.

Thank you.

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