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Another one to watch ..

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Having seen signs for "RepentAustin.org" posted roughly here, I looked them up, and found ..

New Covenant Mennonite Fellowship, which says on its front page:

Key words can help describe a people group. Here are a few words that you might hear a lot of in our church and little or none from other churches in our area. Some of the issues are good and some are bad, read the Bible to know which ones we are for and which ones we are against.

materialism, simple life, modesty, immodest, pornography, nationalism, revival, holiness, renewal, reform, anabaptist, idolatry, head covering, piety, devout, holy, doers of the word, community, spiritual discipline, missions, martyr, widows, orphans, prayer, fasting, native missionaries, fellowship, obedience, submission, kingdom of God, apolitical,american church problems, sin

Oh, and they actually explicitly use the words "cell church movement" as part of their own description of their church. I'm fairly sure that can't be good. (And I'm pretty sure these "Mennonites" have about as much in common with the Mennonites I was familiar with from my visit to rural PA about 20 years ago as, well, *I* do. Unless I missed something along the way.) Is it possible that IRD or a group like it has latched onto Mennonite Anabaptist practice and begun Borging it? (And if that's the case, what would IRD do with the Amish, whom I remember being only slightly less interested in having dealings with the "Englisch" than the Mennonites?)

And there are some interesting connections. Even more interesting considering that this isn't a rural church coming into town on mission trips, this church is apparently *based* in Austin ..
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ACLJ affiliate given UN "special consultative status"

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Christian Post: U.N. Gives Special Recognition to Christian Law Firm

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OK, that can't be a good thing.

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