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dogemperor [userpic]
Update on Pullayup dominionist discrimination case

Only a few days ago, we had the initial posting on Dark Christianity in regards to an EEOC case in Washington state with links to dominionist groups.

Specifically, a news report was released in regards to one of two people suing Woodcreek Pediatrics in Puyallup, Washington for literally being forced out of her job and forced to pray at work. Investigation of Woodcreek Pediatrics turned up a fair amount of evidence that the clinic is deep within the dominionist "parallel economy", including pediatricians connected with Assemblies frontgroups, graduates from schools funded by AmWay founder (and major dominionist funder) Dick DeVos, and pediatricians associated with Northwest Medical Teams (an FGBMFI-connected group) and the American College of Pediatricians (the latter is a dominionist "parallel economy" alternative to the American Academy of Pediatrics; ACP has supported abusive "degaying" therapy and used the work of promoters of religiously motivated child abuse as recommendations for "discipline", including the discredited works of Paul Cameron (who has literally called for the internment of LGBT people in concentration camps and even for the mass genocide of LGBT people as a "public health measure")).

Well, at least according to the latest article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (where the second party involved has shared his story), it turns out that the initial reports just scratched the surface--there is apparently an atmosphere at Woodcreek that resembles an Assemblies of God "Deliverance Ministry" service far more than a medical clinic:

You know your workplace sucks when you're being forced to pray on the job. Your workplace *really* sucks when you are told you are the devil himself, that people who don't join in the daily 'Altar Call' at work aren't 'team players', and told to convert your own *mom* to neopentecostal religion by your boss. )

Sadly, it is harder for men to get a good judgement in EEOC cases, but the EEOC did notice there WAS a pattern of misbehaviour going on.

I also find it rather interesting that a classic form of dominionist dead-agenting seemed to be going on--namely, the two targets were accused of having affairs with each other (which would potentially wreck their home lives, among other things).

As an aside, the "nursing director" in the article may be Valerie Overmyer, RN, BSN (according to Woodcreek Pediatrics' website); she seems to be a complete cypher on Google, aside from her ZoomInfo page. (Does anyone know of a good resource for checking nursing records in Washington State?)

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