Dark Christianity
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Mitt Romney Criticized For Hardcore Hotel Porn


The Fundamentalist Christians are mad at Romney for not doing anything about Marriott Hotels offering in-room porn to its customers when he was on its board.

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Research help with Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum

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Hey all!

I’m looking up some information on a group that has been fighting changes in the sex-ed curriculum in Montgomery County, Maryland. My research has not turned up anything definite and I feel as if I’m missing something.
The group’s name is Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum. (Edit: Seems as if, they don't want to be linked. I've cut and pasted the URL (http://www.mcpscurriculum.com/) to use in LJ formatting and it gives me the 404 messages.)

More details this way )

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Andyet more employee discrimination


A woman has sued a pediatric practice that allegedly harassed her because she didn't go to church. Even though their website seems to be a typical innocuous family practice, several members of their staff have some *very* questionable connections...check out the bios for Dr. Brewer, Nurse Rehder, and Dr. DeBusschere.

Dr. Brewer in particular *really* sets off alarm bells for me; in addition to some blatant Evangelical God-talk in her bio, she did her residency at In His Image, a program at Hillcrest Medical Center. And though I didn't have time to do a completely search on this, I strongly suspect that Hillcrest started out as Oral Roberts' "City of Faith," the hospital he built at the command of the 900 foot Jesus who appeared in his bedroom one night, or something like that.

*shudders* Remind me not to get sick in Tulsa. Somehow I don't think they'd call a Unitarian chaplain for me.

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Dominionist Groups/Websites Aimed at Teens?


There's a ministry called Dare-2-Share; looking at their website, they seem to be a Fundamentalist Evangelist (Evangelical?) ministry aimed at teens/young people.

The website has a section on how to 'evangelise' to people (of other faiths, and non faiths), and it seems they classify 'Evolution' as a religion (although, they do state that one can be Christian and believe in evolution).

I'm curious; is this group involved in more dominionist activities? I don't know much about them, and I couldn't find a Wiki article on them. But they do seem very Fundamentalist, and possibly dominionist.

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