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AFA still pushing to boycott Ford

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Hi all, it was requested when we made our entry posts to mention what we're doing to combat Dominionists, so I hope I'm correct in thinking this post has a place here.

I keep an eye on the AFA so I know what they're up to and can try to negate some of their efforts by doing the opposite, and encouraging others to do the same - and also because they are very kind about providing me with lists of politicians who support gay rights and letting me know when to send Ford Motor Co. a THANK YOU letter for supporting gay rights. *G*

I just got another call to arms for the Ford boycott. THIS is a link to BoycottFord.com where they detail the many sundry ways Ford has supported the "homosexual agenda." *rolls eyes*

An earlier post regarding doctors who won't provide certain care mentioned concern over making a list of doctors who DO NOT deny care on a religious basis, out of fear that they would be targeted and harassed. It's a very well founded fear, I think.

The best way I can think of to respond to these kinds of actions is to respond in kind. SUPPORT the companies, tell them you appreciate what they are doing. I was dead serious about sending thank you notes, I do, every time I get one of these notices. I would HATE to see Ford, or any other company, give in to this kind of pressure because these people managed to affect their bottom line. The domino-effect that could have would suck. If the risk to profit is shown to outweigh the karmic points, other companies won't be so eager to step up and support organizations like PFLAG, either.

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Quick poll and tagging project update

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Hi out there! I'm two months along now in the tagging project over here, and I have a new disambiguation question for everyone. Currently there are three tags that overlap (christian zionism, israel, israel and lebanon). It occurs to me that we not only need to decide which of these terms to use, but whether or not the concept of dominionism and zionism really should apply to all posts regarding the middle east. Please vote!

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For those of you new here, this is the third tagging poll associated with this project. You can see the last poll by clicking here. The last poll also links to the first poll.

As always, you can help with the tagging process! Just tag up your entries as you post them - the best way to do so is to hit the "edit tags" button after your entry has been posted, and choose tag terms from the drop-down list provided. To pick multiple terms, just hold down the control key while you click. Thanks Again!

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Font size increase


Hi, all-

I've increased the font size by a couple of notches. What do you think?

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The "Chiron" post


I hated to do it, but I had to pull the plug on the "Chiron" post. The main reason was also the main complaint- there really was not a connection to any sort of Dominionist angle in the original post.

Let's clarify a few things: some Christian religious sects tend to almost target themselves for a bit of ridicule and razzing, but that isn't the purpose of this community. I'm not saying that humor is prohibited, but this isn't meant to be a snark site. I can't remember the username of the actual religious snark site that is on LJ, but someone named it a while ago.

To reiterate: Please keep the snarkasm about Catholics, 'fundies', Mormons and such on your own journals, along with any rantage. Right now, posting is open for members, but I don't want to have to make posting here a moderated activity. The team here has enough to do already.

Let's try to be kind and considerate of one another, please.

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Any "Kossacks" here?


I was just reading "Talk to Action" and there will be some religious right discussion at the upcoming "Yearly Kos" in Chicago this August.

At least two of the programming items will be about the Religious Right, and the main theme is "Building a Netroots Nation".

Favoring civil discourse as an outcome, generally means also using it as a method for discussing how we are to contend with the religious right in the context of a democratic pluralist society. Being smart about using temperate language does not make one any less tough minded: it allows one to demonstrate the intellectual rigor that often escapes those who don't know the difference between a flamethrower and a penetrating insight.

How very true- it's something we try to apply here, too. We can be tough-minded and also civil. It's not easy, but if Chip Berlet and Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlewaite can do it, so can we.

Go read the rest of the article. It's very interesting. If anyone here is going to Yearly Kos, try to see if you can meet up with the T2A folks there. I am sure you'll get a lot out of it.

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