Dark Christianity
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A creative way to deal with Dominionists

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Writer John Scalzi comes up with a creative way to raise money for Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

"I will go to the Creation Museum and file a full, detailed and delightfully snarklicious report of the trip IF AND ONLY IF I receive at least $250 in donations via PayPal by 11:59pm NEXT FRIDAY, June 15, 2007. ALL the proceeds (minus PayPal's processing bite) will then be donated to Americans United for Separation of Church and State, an organization which for sixty years has striven to keep the chunky peanut butter of religion out of the dusky chocolate of good government."

I love this kind of 'turning it back on them using humour' thing: we see so much doom and gloom about the Dominionists on this group (understandably!) that it's always heartening to see someone doing something positive and funny about it.

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An "Us. vs. Them" mentality


Baptists warned about Islam, atheism

Article text in case the link dies. )

I don't know if this fits the "dark Christian" or "dominionism" theme per se, but something about it just seemed suspicious to me. And not just the 2002 comments about Muhammad.

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