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More on Life And Liberty

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Further stuff on Life And Liberty Ministries. One of the interesting, and I have to say, clever tactics that this group is using is something called The Ephesus Project. They are targeting businesses who support clinics like Planned Parenthood, either through supplying them with services or products or through donations.

"The Ephesus Project has several desired goals in mind.

1. To identify those who enable abortionists to continue their assault upon innocent children.

2. To reveal to the Church and business community, the names and addresses of those businesses that fund, service and help maintain the abortion
industry in Central Virginia.

3. To encourage churches, businesses and individuals to contact those companies which have aligned themselves with the abortion mills to voice their concern.

4. To encourage all churches, individuals and businesses to abstain from seeking the services of any company that seeks to profit from the shedding of innocent blood."

They have a list of businesses in the Greater Richmond area who they are targeting that includes the following brave theatre company.

Shenandoah Shakespeare company were contacted by LLM because they'd donated tickets to Planned Parenthood's auction. Susan Hawthorne, Deputy Executive Director of Shenandoah Shakespeare responded with an email that said "BITE ME."

Ha, major points to that woman! Let's hope that they haven't been further targeted.

Also from the LLM website:

"This list is of those businesses that have ignored our letters, e-mails and faxes. Their commitment to the "almighty dollar" and the child killing industry has proven itself of greater value than simply doing what is right."

You'll note that there's absolutely no recognition of the idea that those businesses could feel just as passionately about supporting the pro-choice movement. Typical Dominionist thinking!

Incidentally, I've found some more stuff about the original protest. LLM were there in association with Repent America and was a direct response to a legitimately organised 'Day of Silence' organised by the university's LGBT group. The Day of Silence was meant to be a quiet and dignified protest against hate crimes but it was countered by the noisy protest by about 30 members of Repent America and LLM, who did not have university permission to be there.

Two members of Repent America were arrested at the protest but their case was dropped this week. District Judge Gail Greth ruled that the group had a constitutional right to protest at the university but added that they should have asked permission from the university first.

The fact that there was already a legitimate university gathering (complete with placards according to the photos I've seen) makes it even stranger that Kline was almost immediately arrested for his robot sign. Maybe they thought he was a Cylon?

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I know quite a few of us think it was pretty much over in 2006

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Surgeon General Nominee Is Assailed for Church Role

How much more of this do you think will happen in the coming months as President Bush tries to re-win the evangelicals to the GOP camp? I don't know if Dr. James W. Holsinger Jr. is explicitly dominionist (sometimes I think we confuse that with generic Christian Nationalism or Christian conservatism. Now, I know that Dominionists COULD be in the Methodist, indeed, the Presbyterian church houses many yet the Presbyterian church as a whole is generally slightly liberal mainline Christianity), but he does seem like a non-so-subtle attempt to appeal to that base. Now, Dr. Holsinger may be qualified, so its really hard to say, but that is, I think, a sign of the difficulty of dealing with Christian Nationalism.

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Remember the mother in the Atlanta suburbs who sued filed an appeal to get Harry Potter out of school libraries?

Well, according to this DailyKos post by "irishwitch", after having been struck down in court, she's now started a MySpace blog. And some of the quotes from it are, to say the least, rather scary.

She claims to be keeping her children in public school, rather than sending them to homeschool, "so they can defeat and overcome the evils that are in the other children." But that's not the worst of it. She also claims that the spells featured in the stories are "speical [sic] codes for terrorist groups in the middle east" and that the characters are symbolic of Middle Eastern terrorists as well.

Quite revealing of her general mindset, really...

More quotes, and a link to the actual blog, can be found in the post linked above.

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