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Here's an interesting one...

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...and I didn't see them in the Wiki...via Crooks and Liars and ScienceBlogs:

Society for the Practical Establishment and Perpetuation of the TEN COMMANDMENTS

From their Introduction:

Instead of a people seeking to govern themselves, the most nobleand civic thing they can do in establishing their nation or society,or in laying down laws by which the structure of their governmentsand their inhabitants must conform is to wholeheartedly embracethe moral laws of God as their constitutions, without ever seekingto amend such morality; and all proposed bills, laws, statutes,ordinances, judgments and customs be based on the moral laws ofGod while vigorously enforcing such morality. Any people thatfail to do that manifest themselves to be stark heathens indeeddespite their deceptive claims of being a great nation, a nobleand civilized people.

From their page "Against Homosexuality:"

The terrible influence of the crime of homosexuality also extendsitself in the societies by homosexuals being allowed to function in the societies, by them becoming prominent members of communities, and becoming leaders and serving in various positions of government. In this way, homosexuals seek to remove all rightful stigmatization ofhomosexuality from the societies by making laws in favor of homosexuality. Again, this is equivalent to murderers going unpunishedand being allowed to function in the societies as prominent leaders ofthe societies and being allowed to serve in government to make laws infavor of murder.

and becoming leaders and serving in various positions of government

see, it's all J. Edgar Hoover's fault...

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Committing an Offense


From Lady Jayne's Blog
Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In a curious reversal of the stereotype of a flag burner, or one we might expect to demonstrate within blocks of a military base, Wednesday's arrest of a mother, in Nebraska, for allowing her 10 year old to "stomp" on an American flag at a soldier's funeral, shows just how much social profiling is starting to break down.

Aside from being a protester, and mom, Shirley Phelps-Roper is also an attorney, and member of the Westboro Baptist Church, a group that attributes the deaths of American service members to God's punishment for a nation that has become more tolerant of gays and lesbians. Group members have reportedly participated in nearly 300 demonstrations in more than 40 states just in the past two years. (AP)

The arrest took place prior to the funeral services when the police noticed her 10 year old son jumping up and down on the flag... )

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Dobson's "benevolent" political guise is gradually slipping away...


(via [info]gsa_lj)

It's always refreshing to see him being overtly asinine. As he increasingly slips out of stealth mode, more and more people will begin to see what he's really about.

Dobson endorsed sermon blaming "lesbian sex" for God's "abandonment" of America, justifying destruction of a U.S. city by God

On the June 4 edition of his Focus on the Family radio show, Focus on the Family founder and chairman James C. Dobson broadcast a sermon by John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California, titled "A Nation Abandoned by God." In the sermon, MacArthur said America had forsaken God and engendered the "wrath of abandonment" as a result. MacArthur declared: "You know a society has been abandoned by God when it celebrates lesbian sex." MacArthur further argued that as a result of America's abandonment, the destruction of a major U.S. city "could happen" and that "God would be just in any calamity he brought upon us."


"MacArthur and his Grace Community Church were sued for clergy malpractice in 1985..."

Full text from MediaMatters For America:

Omission of any mention of New Orleans may have just been an oversight, but I suspect it was a calculated move, the purpose being to instill fear without offending victims of past disasters. But then, I haven't read MacArthur's sermon. He may have brought it up.

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Actor's Risque Past Halts 'Adam' Film


From SFGate
Associated Press Writer

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Columbus, Ohio (AP) -- The man who plays Adam in a video aired at a Bible-based creationist museum has led a different life outside the Garden of Eden, flaunting his sexual exploits online and modeling for a clothing line that promotes free love.

After learning about his activities Thursday, the Creation Museum in Kentucky pulled the 40-second video in which he appears.

"We are currently investigating the veracity of these serious claims of his participation in projects that don't align with the biblical standards and moral code upon which the ministry was founded," Answers for Genesis spokesman Mark Looy said in a written statement.

The actor, Eric Linden, owns a graphic Web site called Bedroom Acrobat... )

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