Dark Christianity
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Romney travels to Pat Robertson's school


From Yahoo/AP
AP Religion Writer
Fri May 4, 1:59 PM ET

A visit this weekend to the Rev. Pat Robertson's school illustrates the challenge for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as he courts the all-important evangelical vote.

The former Massachusetts governor is to give the commencement address Saturday at Robertson's Regent University in Virginia, a golden opportunity to reach core GOP voters.

Yet the many people who seek spiritual guidance from Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network and its Web site will find Romney's Mormon faith listed as a cult. )

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Here's an extreme example of what's wrong with fundie christians:

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This seriously twisted person is an example of a religious psychotic who cannot listen to anyone else's views because she's completely programmed with a literalist interpretation of the Bible. What _is_ positive is that the people she encounters are vastly more progressive than Americans would've been 40 years ago.

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Man fired for being athiest


Investigator finds reasonable grounds for person being fired for being an atheist

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