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And it starts - Texas tries for covenant marriage

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I can't remember if we've tried it before, but here's the latest effort. Why am I not surprised that Chisum is behind it? He's been a busy boy lately.

I know there are plenty of anti-blogagainsttheocracy blogs out there... there's one linked in the opinion page of the Chronicle that I responded to this morning. You locals might want to add in? *shrug*

Article here

Take premarital class or pay double, House proposes
Copyright 2007 Houston Chronicle Austin Bureau

AUSTIN — Debate over government's role in matters of love, marriage and divorce begins today when the Texas House considers a bill doubling marriage license fees to $60 unless couples take premarital classes.

Couples agreeing to eight-hour courses in conflict management and communication skills would get their marriage licenses free under the bill sponsored by Rep. Warren Chisum, R-Pampa, a leading House conservative.

Chisum's bill, with its carrot-and-stick approach, is part of the Texas Conservative Coalition agenda to ease the demand for poverty programs by reducing divorce rates that can financially hurt the newly single.

The package could create voluntary "covenant" marriage contracts with tougher conditions to discourage divorce and lengthen waiting periods for no-fault divorces unless couples undergo marriage crisis classes.
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Propoganda at work

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So, I found an article detailing the success of (adult) stem cell therapy in curing type I diabetes in a human trial

While the story is remarkable enough, what I find even more remarkable are those that immediately jumped onto the comments section to beat their ideological drums. The really sad part, is it reads like a talking points bulliten from the religious right, and a comment towards the end goes as far as to directly credit God with the medical breakthrough.

This is a classic example of the effects of propoganda on the populace. Say something enough, and it starts to self-propogate.

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Slightly OT: Roy Zimmerman

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Roy Zimmerman is a singing political satirist, and if you aren't familiar with his work, he writes and performs songs such as "Creation Science 101" (550,000 hits, 8500 comments).

He sang for my university today, so I thought I'd share with you a truly funny guy right up our alley. There are more songs on youtube if you find him entertaining. :)

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