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"God Is On Our Side" = war


This interesting ABC News article talks about how the belief that "God is with us" justifies violence against others:

Does believing that "God is on our side" make it easier for us to inflict pain and suffering on those perceived to be our enemies? If we think God sanctions violence, are we more likely to engage in violent acts?

The answer to both those questions, according to new research, is a resounding "yes," even among those who do not consider themselves believers.


Biblical Descriptions

Here's the fundamental issue the researchers addressed, as stated in their study published in the current issue of Psychological Science:

"We hypothesized that exposure to a biblical description of violence would increase aggression more than a secular description of the same violence. We also predicted that aggression would be greater when the violence was sanctioned by God than when it was not sanctioned by God."


"What worries me is when people use God as a justification for their violence. There are scriptures that say you should not take God's name in vain. This is the most extreme version of taking God's name in vain," he said.

Yet his own research shows that whether people consider themselves believers or not, they are more likely to be aggressive, perhaps even willing to start a war, if they think God is on their side.

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Yet another reason to fear the government


Somehow this doesn't surprise me at all.

Note: I do not agree with the characterization of Brigham Young as a "Mormon madrassa" - it's far too big an institution these days for that, and a lot of secular types have gone there. However, Patrick Henry, Ave Maria, Liberty, and Regent are major Dominionist training grounds, and Patrick Henry in particular scares me half to death.

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More correspondence with Bob Altemeyer

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]1400scale)

Just in case anybody didn't know, Dr. Bob Altemeyer is one of the top researchers in authoritarian personality types: http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~altemey/

I'd exchanged emails with him before, and did so again today, regarding some recent conversations here at DC during the past couple of weeks.

Here's the exchange and his thoughts:
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