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LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]forwrathandruin)

I hope this hasn't been posted already.

I was just referred to the community.

I'm an ethics and political science student, a vehement rationalist and atheist. I'm not here to debate people, I do that elsewhere, but I thought I might introduce myself a little since I'm new.


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I'm a relatively infrequent poster, here, but I like to think I contribute something when I can.

Some time back, [info]sunfell mentioned that it would be interesting to hear my life's story, seeing as how I am an ex-Dominionist Christian.

It's taken me some time to find the words, and I am quite sure my experience does not map one-to-one with other ex-Dominionists.

Nevertheless, I have finally put it into some coherent form, and if you will follow this helpful link, You'll find the story of how I joined and eventually left the Dominionist church and a little bit of how I came back to the Christian faith.

It may not be the most typical path these things take (says the man with no real idea of what passes for "typical" with this sort of thing), but it is the truth.

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Milestones and introductions


Hello, folks. We're about to cross another threshold: 1100 subscribers to this community. I never thought it would breach 100 readers, much less 1000, but it seems that the interest in this rather esoteric subject grows day by day. I am glad: the more people who understand what is happening to Christianity in America and its hijacking by political (and even fascist) interests, the easier it will be to counteract the damage to this faith by these wolves in sheeps clothing. That was the original purpose of this community, and it still is. I want to thank readers here for their contributions and intelligent (and non-bashing) contributions to this community.

I don't do this too often, but from time to time, it's nice to start a thread where we can introduce ourselves. I think we've accumulated quite a diverse readership, and people with many diverse beliefs, too. If you want to introduce and tell us a bit about yourself, and perhaps tell us how you found this site (I'm interested in that- Technorati has a ton of links to this site now), please do.

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And just when you thought the Creationists couldn't stoop any lower...

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]idragosani)

A snippet about spontaneous generation (debunked years before Darwin was around) from a longer video about Creationism:


(catch the brief shot of Duane Gish as the beginning?)

This snippet is rather funny (like the "Bananas, the Atheists Nightmare" video), but the full video it comes from is much scarier:


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Conservapedia starts to gain momentum. Downhill.


(Warning: This probably contains liberal bias.)

Remember the shining Conservapedia, counter to liberal biases and English spellings everywhere? I've been standing a very long way back and poking it with a stick. This has resulted in a disgorgement of groupthink, a small minority seeking control over knowledge, preemptive censorship, and historical revisionism. (Imagine poking a sea cucumber.)

Three items of note. )

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