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Christian Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate


From The New York Times
February 25, 2007
Christian Right Labors to Find ’08 Candidate

WASHINGTON, Feb. 24 — A group of influential Christian conservatives and their allies emerged from a private meeting at a Florida resort this month dissatisfied with the Republican presidential field and uncertain where to turn.
Will they sit this one out? )

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I was browsing the website for the Committee of Skeptical Inquiry, and turned up a (edit: this was just published!) article involving the shoehorning of the textbook Of Pandas and People into the Dover area curriculum. Have a look.

The author was one of the expert witnesses when the case went to court, and saw everything as it happened. It's slanted in tone, but I still trust it in total, considering the publication and the wealth of footnotes and cross-references. It's also a nutshell example of all the hallmarks of the vocal, aggressively political Fundamentalist groups trying to force things to go their way: hot air, propaganda, shenanigans, and then loud declarations that they were wronged when none of those worked.

The whole thing is a little bit of old news now, since it happened in 2005, but since textbooks--and that supplemental work in particular--were just discussed here I thought it might be relevant.

Let me know if this is too outdated or if I need to remove and/or post as addendum in another thread, please.

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Jesus Family Tomb Believed Found

And if this is true, apparently Jesus actually was married to Mary Magdelene and they had a son named Judah.

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And now for something on the lighter side of Christianity.........

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