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Mod post: The Duggar Family


OK folks- I just deleted the post and thread about the Duggar family. Why? Because it really does not have anything to do with Dominionism. Yes, the 'quiverful' meme is over the top. Yes, the Duggars have a bad case of TDMK (too darn many kids), but they made that choice. Will their whole cartload of kids become 'gods arrows'? I sincerely doubt it. Some may, but not all of them. The Real World has a way of eating into religious certainty once the kids leave the safety bubble of their family. Its happened to many here. They are not immune.

I know this family personally. While their religious beliefs might be a bit extreme, they are good people. They support themselves, do not get anything from the dole, and have raised good kids. I've had time to visit with them. They really are cool people. Yeah, some of the kids might go secular, but that is their choice. Hopefully they will be successful in the big bad world.

While their experience and idealism might be extreme, it is not our place here to bash it. That is one of the primary rules here: NO BASHING. We are here examine, criticize, reveal, learn and understand. And have a laugh or two. But not attack.

So, I am declaring this subject off-limits. Please refrain from future 'lookitdaDuggarsOMGWTFBBQ111!!!!!!eleventy!!!!111!!!' posts. They'll get deleted.

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Jose Luis de Jesus Miranda

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Pastor with 666 tattoo claims to be divine:

His theology may be inscrutable, but we know him by his fruits, as it were.

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And the fight for freedom of religion goes on

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I don't know if this article goes here or not but considering that it contains actions of the military's Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches and the U.S. Military itself in disapproving the change of denomination for an existing Chaplain who had a good record.

These people, the ladies and gentlemen in the military, are fighting an unpopular war over there and to be denied a chaplain that they have been guaranteed (by reason of the Constitutional right of freedom of religion) is completely being ignored and violated.


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Battle in New Jersey Over Classroom Proselytizing


This NY TImes article details one student's fight to put a stop his teacher's proselytizing in the classroom.

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The Religious Right's Era Is Over


Article begins:

As I have traveled around the country, one line in my speeches always draws cheers: "The monologue of the Religious Right is over, and a new dialogue has now begun." We have now entered the post-Religious Right era. Though religion has had a negative image in the last few decades, the years ahead may be shaped by a dynamic and more progressive faith that will make needed social change more possible.

In the churches, a combination of deeper compassion and better theology has moved many pastors and congregations away from the partisan politics of the Religious Right. In politics, we are beginning to see a leveling of the playing field between the two parties on religion and "moral values," and the media are finally beginning to cover the many and diverse voices of faith. These are all big changes in American life, and the rest of the world is taking notice.

Evangelicals — especially the new generation of pastors and young people — are deserting the Religious Right in droves. The evangelical social agenda is now much broader and deeper, engaging issues like poverty and economic justice, global warming, HIV/AIDS, sex trafficking, genocide in Darfur and the ethics of the war in Iraq. Catholics are returning to their social teaching; mainline Protestants are asserting their faith more aggressively; a new generation of young black and Latino pastors are putting the focus on social justice; a Jewish renewal movement and more moderate Islam are also growing; and a whole new denomination has emerged, which might be called the "spiritual but not religious."

Full article at:


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Surviving and Moving On After a High Demand Group Experience

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This might be of interest to some of you:

Surviving and Moving On After a High Demand Group Experience:
A Workshop for Second-Generation Former Members

The International Cultic Studies Association (ICSA) has run workshops for former members of high-demand, “cultic” groups for many years.

In recent years increasing numbers of people born or raised in such groups (i.e., “second generation adults” - SGAs) have attended these workshops. These ex-members have special needs, which can be most effectively addressed through a workshop that focuses on them. SGAs do not have a “pre-cult identity” to which they can return. SGAs raised in fringe subcultures have to learn the implicit rules and expectations of mainstream culture.

SGAs frequently have educational and other skill deficits that interfere with adjustment to mainstream culture. Having grown up in high-control groups that are often based on irrational belief systems, SGAs tend to struggle with issues of dependency, self-esteem, and social conflict. Because many SGAs were physically or sexually abused, they often have to deal with anger, resentment, and other emotions related to trauma. SGAs have difficulty getting help because they tend to lack finances and be wary of other people, including helpers.

More info about the workshop, location, and fees at the link above. (Via [info]religionnewsblo.)

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