Dark Christianity
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The Rise of Christian Fascism and Its Threat to American Democracy


We must attend to growing social and economic inequities in order to stop the most dangerous mass movement in American history -- or face a future of fascism under the guise of Christian values. )

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Jesus Camp video.

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Being from the UK I'm lucky to be spared from most forms of evangelicism and I stumbled across a documentary about several Christian movements in America including an appearance of Ted Haggard (for those who don't remember he was the evangelical preacher that got caught with crystal meth and having a relationship with a male prostitute)

The video can be found here:


more info from wiki:


Watching this sickened me to my stomach but then again it is rather amusing to watch a lady pray to a powerpoint presentation in tongues.

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Anti-Catholic Backlash

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Senator Edwards aides maligned the Catholic faith in blogs before they were hired, yet the Catholic League called for their firing from the Senators office. The news article* makes a nice counterpoint that this same Cathholic Justice league uses harsh language in their view of gays and even called the two blogger "brats", however Edwards has refused to fire them.

This site has some interesting infor about the rights of bloggers.

This is a gay site, might wanna know before you open it at work

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