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"Friends of God" on HBO

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Quick note if you've got cable - Alexandra Pelosi, Nancy's daughter, did a documentary on evangelicals and focused on Ted Haggard. Right after she submitted it to HBO, the male prostitute scandal broke. Check out the article, and if you have HBO, consider watching it! Could be interesting...

Houston Chronicle article here.

HOLLYWOOD - Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi wanted to humanize evangelical Christians with her new HBO road trip documentary, Friends of God, and she spent months befriending the movement's leader, the Rev. Ted Haggard, roasting marshmallows in his backyard, shooting rifles with him and watching his son's football game. He became the star of the film, the telegenic face she chose to help dispel notions of evangelical Christians as "broken hypocrites."

A few days after she submitted the movie to HBO, Haggard was disgraced over his illicit relationship with a male prostitute and alleged drug use. Pelosi kept the film intact, adding two disclaimers about the scandal. Now Haggard's scenes come off as unsettling and even a bit comic. Whether he's joking amiably with a group of attractive young men or quizzing two male parishioners about their wives' orgasms, Haggard is either a campy caricature or vaguely sinister. He's last seen musing on how "heartbreaking" it is when a pastor "falls into corruption or becomes dishonest or greedy."

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The wesite name rather speaks for itself.

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"American Fascists" aka Dominionists discussed on NPR today

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Chris Hedges, author of American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America, was on Talk of the Nation today. I couldn't listen to the whole thing but I'll probably check it out when the audio goes online.


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