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I was watching this news brief about US soldiers going off to Iraq from Fort Stewart on CBCNewsworld, after I got home from work, which would make it about 12:20AM or so on Friday morning. Towards the end, they showed the commander/commandant giving a prayer to the troops before they shipped out. Because there are no "agnostics or atheists in the foxhole," according to the narrator, the Commandor (or commandant) called on the "Warrior God of Heaven" to guide and protect (or something - I was too stunned by this point to hear the rest of it). Now I don't know about you, but aside from this being distinctly not non-sectarian, which is against everything the US branches of the military is supposed to stand for, but is actually a particular flavour of non-sectarian: fundamantalist, and I'd bet, dominionist. This was shown on national tv here in Canada, and this scares me.

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Chris Hedges on Alternet


The Radical Right is Built on Suburban Despair

This article might be a good preview to Hedges' new book, American Fascists.

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Brazilian Evangelical church leaders held on currency smuggling and money laundering charges

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As reported originally in the Miami Herald, a Brazilian mega-church pastor and his wife were detained by customs officials and US immigration after a luggage search turned up $46,000 dollars in unreported currency instruments.

This was a bit of news to me, as I thought Brazil was far too staunchly Catholic to have any sizable evangelical population.

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