Dark Christianity
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"American Fascism"

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Here's a couple of reviews of Chris Hedges' new book:


...and Chapter One, for free:


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Harris vs. The Unitarians: an end of faith or merely a new self-deception?

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Thanks to [info]angliss for calling my attention to a sermon entitled "The End of Faith", delivered by Peter Morales, Senior Minister at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden, Colorado, on January 7.

Brian and I have been talking lately about Sam Harris' book, The End of Faith. Brian hasn't read it yet, and I'm doing a sub-par job of effectively summarizing the thesis of the book. I'm not proselytizing for Harris, exactly, but it is a book that makes a compelling argument. While I have issues with some of his reasoning, he nonetheless forced me to confront some of the games I have been playing in my own head with the concepts of faith and religion in the world today. I'm still trying to sort some things out, but in the meantime I think it's a book a lot of people should read. I make no predictions or prescriptions here - believe what you will, but read the book, and do so in good faith. (Of course, Harris begins cultivating resistance in the first few syllables, so it's not surprise that a lot of people begin arguing with him - and me - before they actually take in the full measure of what they're arguing with.)

So, to the sermon. Morales understandably feels both compelled and challenged by Harris' thesis, and in this sermon he sets about rebutting (and discrediting) Harris. Frankly, it's an odd read. Specifically, it's the sort of odd read you get when somebody is wrestling with the issue inside but resolving the cognitive dissonance outwardly. At least I think that's what it is.

Let's examine, shall we?Read more... )


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