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Blasphemy is a really big sin


Don't know if this is appropriate but as a person to whom spirituality is important, I have a few comments on blasphemy that might -- just possibly -- be useful in discussion with Dominionists who are waivering.

"Blasphemy" is an old-fashioned word that probably means nothing to the atheists in this group but it means quite a lot to a religious person, particularly a fundamentalist. It is the worst sin of all because it is the act of directly demeaning God. Blasphemy cheapens and corrupts ideas that are meant to be preserved intact and reverenced as holy. Read more... )

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Atheist's nightmare DEBUNKED!

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]shawnsmalley)

By now, we've probably all seen the video with Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort discussing how the banana is proof of God's existence (and also how he makes marvelous things on Earth just for us). We've mocked it, picked it apart, and pointed out great errors in its science and history.

While showing this video to a friend of mine on YouTube, I found a version of it that takes all of the things we've been saying about it and overlays them into a wonderful presentation of how the facts were distorted to greater represent God's grandeur and hold on the world at large.

Check it out. Share it. Laugh at it. Because, after all, the banana was engineered by primitive peoples in a "Godless" part of the world thousands of years before even Judaism. Science knows this. Fundies don't, apparently.

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This is exactly the reason you should research something before making wild claims about it to suit your needs. Eventually, someone will come along and blow your ideas apart, and you look like a darned fool holding a banana while Kirk Cameron fidgets excitedly in his seat.

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Busting 1000!


It's finally happened! Our subscriber count has topped 1000 people! Considering how specialized the subject of this community is, that is incredible. I want to welcome all the newcomers here, and invite them to read the information on our front page. The discussion here has been very interesting and intelligent, and I hope that everyone is getting a lot out of it.

I hope that the new year brings everyone good things, and I look forward to working with this community in 2007.

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