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" on Earth, Good Will Toward All"

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I'm hoping this link works ... someone sent me this story, and it said "copyrighted ... do not copy," so I looked for the original, and this is what I found.


If she were asked to take it down because it was a religious symbol ... and all people were told to take down all religious symbols, including trees, lights, creches, etc.... then MAYBE they'd have a point.  But since when was Christmas not about Peace?!?!?!?

And since when does being pro-peace mean being anti-American?

This just stinks from all directions.  I hope she's right and they're not able to make her pay.  The only way they can make her take it down is if they make everyone take all decorations down.  And I don't think they can do that.

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Holy gold mine batman!

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So much for courting the faith dollar


"Wal-Mart Stores. (WMT, news, msgs) The retail giant, a Dow component, said November same-store sales will decline for the first time in a decade, and the stock fell 2.6% on the day. While retail analysts insisted Wal-Mart has a unique set of problems, retail stocks generally were lower."


Last year they embrace Happy HOlidays and sales are up by about 5.4%

This year they make a big deal about going "Merry Christmas" and they see thir first decline in ten years.

Merry War on Christmas to you too!

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Editorials about Peace Wreath

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]mocuirdhgalla) Here are some editorials about the peace wreath.  Including one from a former committee member. (Scroll down to November 24th).

I thought it might be interesting to hear from the horses mouth what went on.

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Souls On Ice


While the GOP was exploiting the bigotry of the black clergy in the midterms, black piety was melting before America's eyes. )

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Dominionist/Evangelical glossary?


Is there a glossary some where that has a list of Dominionist/Evangelical terms, buzz words, and “in-terms” like prayer warrior, spiritual warfare,  quiverfull, ect? I’m sure that this must have been asked by someone else at some point but I couldn’t find it.

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When the shoe is on the other foot, everyone agrees: "Hey! These are pinching my feet!"

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If y'all will kindly forgive the bad analogy in the subject line, I saw the article linked below online today and it seemed relevant:

Christians in Turkey frustrated by popular distrust

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