Dark Christianity
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Christians Fundamentally Gone Wild

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Splendid piece I just found on The Smirking Chimp that I thought would go down well here.
First paragraph goes like this:

'If sin exists then Christian fundamentalism is as sinful as sloth, greed or gluttony. It's a lifestyle that promotes surrender to the temptation to simplify the complexities of life by letting someone else do your thinking for you. The typical fundamentalist will extol this state of mind as surrender to God. I think they say "let go and let God" or some such thing. Truth be told, it's simply intellectual laziness.'

Good commentary - and IMO not insulting to sincere Christians.

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Chalcedon reputiates the Religious Right?

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Maybe they see the way the wind is blowing...


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The Religious Right in the Great White North

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I suspected PM Harper favored them, but didn't know how much.

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Somehow, I got as far as 'Assemblies of God' and my warning bells went off.

Anyone know anything about this?

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