Dark Christianity
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Chuck Norris outs himself - as a Dominionist

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WorldNetDaily: Don't Speak About Religion And Politics?

Over the past couple of years there has been much debate over the civil display of religious inscriptions, like the Ten Commandments (also called the Decalogue).

I was shocked to read this past week Bob Unruh's exclusives on WND about how the U.S. Supreme Court is even now silencing the truths about the Commandments in its own building.
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His commentary is sprinkled through with links to other articles, and to the website for the Bible course. You'll have to go directly to WND to get those though. I've spent enough time on this drek.

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Chapel Cross at William & Mary the latest "cause" for the Religious Righ


Even though the cross will still be available for use for Christian services. And look, Michelle Malkin's involved!


NOTE: I checked out the Save The Cross website and sent these fine youngsters the following note. I really think they have too much time on their hands, and chastised them for their misguidedness:

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A little bit of right thinking...to brighten all our days....

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When Religion Loses its Credibility
By Oliver "Buzz" Thomas Mon Nov 20, 6:40 AM ET

What if Christian leaders are wrong about homosexuality? I suppose, much as a newspaper maintains its credibility by setting the record straight, church leaders would need to do the same:

Correction: Despite what you might have read, heard or been taught throughout your churchgoing life, homosexuality is, in fact, determined at birth and is not to be condemned by God's followers.

Based on a few recent headlines, we won't be seeing that admission anytime soon. Last week, U.S. Roman Catholic bishops took the position that homosexual attractions are "disordered" and that gays should live closeted lives of chastity. At the same time, North Carolina's Baptist State Convention was preparing to investigate churches that are too gay-friendly. Even the more liberal Presbyterian Church (USA) had been planning to put a minister on trial for conducting a marriage ceremony for two women before the charges were dismissed on a technicality. All this brings me back to the question: What if we're wrong?

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Word of Life -- Arson case

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Religious differences led a young man to set fire to a Warren County church this spring, Sheriff Larry Cleveland alleged today.

"Police arrested Caleb Uriah Lussier, 20, of Plymouth, Mass., and charged him with two felony counts of third-degree burglary and one count of third-degree arson, also a felony. Lussier is a student at the Word of Life Bible Institute in Chestertown, walking distance from the Christ Church of Pottersville, the Episcopal church that burned down May 30."

When I was a kid, some neighbors of ours said that their Church group was having a group of teenagers to come in for a concert. We were invited and asked whether we'd be willing to put a few kids up for the night. We agreed -- and went to the concert.

The two girls were nice, but, they had *no* ability to think for themselves. I remember being very uncomfortable at the "concert" as well -- and I was fairly Christian at the time (though young). Somehow, I'm not surprised that someone out of this group went off the deep end.

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