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Opinion page articles on evangelicals

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The Houston Chronicle's Opinion page had a couple of pieces on evang. Christians.

I love this one - Those poor, mischaracterized evangelicals! All they're really doing is trying to save the world!

Of course it's true that a handful of Christian figures reinforce the worst stereotypes of the movement. Their loopy and triumphalist claims are seized upon by lazy journalists and the direct-mail operatives of political opponents. Yet it is dishonest to disparage the massive civic and democratic contribution of evangelicals by invoking the excesses of a tiny few.

Don't go thinking this election has 'ended' the religious right

So before rearranging their public policy agenda in hopes of attracting evangelicals, the Democrats would be wise to think twice. There has been a radical change in the attitudes of evangelicals — it's just not one that will automatically be in the Democrats' favor.

You see, evangelicals aren't re-examining their political priorities nearly as much as they are re-examining their spiritual priorities. That could be bad news for both political parties.

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The Christian Post: Making brains hurt, one article at a time

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The good side: the book and movie make a case for intelligent design but not for a seven-day creation. That's progress.

What I don't understand is why they feel the need to debate this at all. At the end of the day, science can put forth evidence and suggest methods by which that evidence could have come about, but it can't prove conclusively how the universe began. There is always an element of faith there, either that it all came about by chance or that it didn't. Either way, the progress since it came about is fairly straightforward: evolution happens, whether God put it in place or not, and it doesn't look like He meddles in it overmuch. Why not just proclaim the wonder of God's creation, which is so much vaster and more varied than anyone ever thought, and leave it at that? The people who want to believe in pure chance will do so. The people who want to believe in a higher power are free to do that, too. And I've just summed up the only part of this whole argument that ever needs to make it into a high school classroom.

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Unitarian church attacked for existing


To say this is appalling is an understatement. http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/articles/2006/11/18/features/religion/religionhatehitschuch.txt

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Kirk Cameron's Evangelical website

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From the guy who says the banana is the proof of god's existence, and that our suffering is proof god loves us... comes...


It took a really long time to load for me, but it was worth it

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