Dark Christianity
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Jesus Camp to close

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and all because of Mr. Haggard.

Pastor will shut down controversial kids camp

By Religion News Service and The Associated Press

The summer camp featured in the documentary "Jesus Camp," which includes scenes with disgraced preacher Ted Haggard, will shut down for at least several years because of negative reaction sparked by the film, according to the camp's director.

"Right now we're just not a safe ministry," Becky Fischer, the fiery Pentecostal pastor featured in "Jesus Camp," said Tuesday.

At least he has done some good.

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Care Net's Purity Ball Preview


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PORT ST. LUCIE, FL Care Net Pregnancy Services has released a preview of a DVD created by Clifhanger Productions, Inc. http://www.clifhanger.com celebrating their Annual Father-Daughter Purity Ball.

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another article on the houston landscapers

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who wouldn't work for teh gay man (ohnoes) -


I do think it's terrible that they've gotten death threats, and threats against their children. It doesn't do anything to help 'our cause' at all, and just leads to things like

“We become accidental crusaders for Christ.”

Great. So now they are even more reaffirmed in their decisions.

Overall, though, the national attention it's getting is a good thing, I think.

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