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Apparently our blogs are leading us away from God!

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Shut down your blogs everyone, apparently we're sinning again without even knowing it.

Let me emphasize that no one—including adults—should have a blog or personal website (unless it is for legitimate business purposes).

Yeah, god forbid we should actually talk to each other. We might raise money for charity. We might read about stories that the mainstream media aren't covering. Hey, we might even take part in communities that monitor creepy Dominionist churches like yours! Yep, I guess I can see why they might think it was wrong.

Of course, I know there are bloggers out there that are sinning but it's mostly against the English language!

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I wonder what prompted these articles in the NYT?

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Religion-Based Tax Breaks: Housing to Paychecks to Book

For tens of millions of Americans, the Rev. Rick Warren is best known for his blockbuster spiritual guide, “The Purpose Driven Life,” which has sold more than 25 million copies; his success as the founder of the 22,000-member Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, Calif.; and his efforts on behalf of some of the world’s neediest people.

But for tens of thousands of ministers — and their financial advisers — Pastor Warren will also be remembered as their champion in a fight over the most valuable tax break available to ordained clergy members of all faiths: an exemption from federal taxes for most of the money they spend on housing, which typically represents roughly a third of their compensation. Pastor Warren argued that the tax break is essential to poorly paid clergy members who serve society.

The tax break is not available to the staff at secular nonprofit organizations whose scale and charitable aims compare to those of religious ministries like Pastor Warren’s church, or to poorly paid inner-city teachers and day care workers who also serve their communities.

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You know, hey, maybe I should try this one. I got ordained a couple years ago online from the Universal Life Church (don't ask). Maybe I should start insisting I don't need to pay taxes easier. That would certainly make living on a part-time teacher's income a lot easier.

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My Friend Kristi, Demagogued All the Way to the Supreme Court!


I found out today that a friend and former co-worker of mine is involved in a case that may go to the Supreme Court. In November the Court will decide whether to hear the case.

Here's an article about it, sent to me by my mother, which caused my eyes to pop out when I saw the name Kristi Seymour:


Here are the questions, from another website discussing the case. The children were asked to rate on a scale from "never" to "almost all the time" how often they found themselves . . .

8. Touching my private parts too much

17. Thinking about having sex

22. Thinking about touching other people’s private parts

23. Thinking about sex when I don’t want to

26. Washing myself because I feel dirty on the inside [not necessarily about sex--Robert]

34. Not trusting people because they might want sex

40. Getting scared or upset when I think about sex

44. Having sex feelings in my body

47. Can’t stop thinking about sex

54. Getting upset when people talk about sex

Here's Kristi's email to me today:

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Another one of those History Channel religious shows

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This was on Hell, and was entitled Hell: The Devil's Domain. Lots of interesting stuff, including how Augustine was one of the first to codify the behaviors that would send you to hell. He was the one who decided the 7 Deadly Sins were the domain of Satan.

What really got me was some commentary by Anne Graham Lotz, Billy Graham's daughter. She said, very sincerely, that God wanted us to worship Him from free will, that He didn't want an robot army. That's all well and good, but then she followed up with something like "And those who don't spend eternity being tortured in hell."

Do people LISTEN to themselves? That's like a robber saying "You can make the free choice of whether or not to give me your wallet. But if you don't, I'll shoot you in the head." Real free will there. Worship or eternal suffering. Gee, let me make that free choice.

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Olbermann Exclusive: Dissecting new Book: Tempting Faith


The book, "Tempting Faith," not out until Monday, but in our third story tonight, a Countdown exclusive we've obtained a copy and it is devastating work.

Author David Kuo's conservative Christian credentials are impeccable; his resume sprinkled with names like Bennett and Ashcroft. Now, as the Foley cover-up has many evangelical Christians wondering whether the G.O.P. is really in sync with their values, "Tempting Faith" provides the answer: No way.

Kuo, citing one example after another of a White House that repeatedly uses evangelical Christians for their votes — while consistently giving them nothing in return;

A White House which routinely speaks of the nation's most famous evangelical leaders behind their backs, with contempt and derision.

Furthermore, Faith-Based Initiatives were not only stiffed on one public promise after another by Mr. Bush — the office itself was eventually forced to answer a higher calling: Electing Republican politicians.

~'cheap_laugh's post shows what I believe to be just the beginning of a flood of some pretty damaging revelations...all puns intended. lol

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