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What if the Religious Right won?

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What if they did succeed in turning the U.S. into their "Christian Nation", and had similar theocratic successes in other Western countries like Canada, the UK, Australia, etc?

Assume for a moment, just as a hypothetical exercise, that they did. What would happen?

The vast majority of them currently renounce the ultra-right rhetoric of Reconstructionism, but most have us have agreed that minority groups would become, at the very least, second-class citizens, with curtailed civil rights and all the basic accoutrements that would accompany that.

Ever since I was originally alerted to this whole phenomenon a year and a half ago, I keep being reminded of John Carpenter's movie sequel Escape From L.A. (in particular, the fundamentalist President played with gleeful mania by actor Cliff Robertson, and his downright creepy resemblence to my avatar's subject matter; I am 100% positive that Carpenter cast him specifically for that reason).

Could "undesirables" honestly run the risk of being deported to some 21st century equivalent of a penal colony in some isolated part of the world? Fundamentalism is on the rise in America, and the rest of the Western world, according to a lot of things that I've read, and I can't imagine even the more moderate ones objecting too much; being in charge would be too tempting. Then there'd be a lot of the apathetic centrists whose lives wouldn't be affected too much overall, and would be too busy living those lives to bother objecting. Then there would be those too scared of losing what little they have to object (I read a lot of Joe Bageant, and his comments on the shrinking middle class and lower classes are quite revealing).

If there turned out to be a high number of deportees, could there be a relatively uninhabited portion of our planet with enough room for everyone, or would we see REX84-style internment camps put to use?

I suppose another question to ask is; if the RR really do send the world to Hell in a handbasket in their attempts to trigger the End Times, might the deported minority actually be better off squirrelled away in some remote corner of the globe (I include myself in this, BTW)?


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Churches to Face Greater IRS Scrutiny

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]dagoski) According to this NYTimes article, the IRS is watching churches closely this election season.

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