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dogemperor [userpic]


Got a question, thought y'all might have some info on it. My mom's church is very conservative and has had one of those "pray out the gay" ministries for the past few years. She's all for it (SIGH) and thinks that while some people may be born gay, others are just confused... (gngnggngngngn... No point in arguing that with her.) But anyway, she pointed out to me happily the other day that there have been a lot of (hetero) marriages out of this group and a nice crop of babies recently.

Ok, I'm shaking my head and looking down the road ten, fifteen years when these babies are adolescents, going "Dad left mom 'cause he couldn't keep up the charade of being straight any more..." But I don't have any hard numbers on how likely that is to happen--sure, I know examples of gay guys getting married to try to be straight, and examples of it falling apart (and I can't really see it ever working), and I don't know of anyone who's made it work 20 years or more, but does someone here have links to a more unbiased review? Does one exist, or do only the failures ever get counted?

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