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Fundie Tuesday continues.......


Found on Fark.

Furious evolution debate hits Kenyan museum

By Lillian Omariba

Nairobi - The global debate between scientists and conservative Christians over evolution has hit Kenya, where an exhibit of one of the world's finest collections of early hominid fossils is under threat.

As the famed National Museum of Kenya (NMK) prepares to re-open next year after massive EU-funded renovations, evangelicals are demanding the display be removed or at least shunted to a less prominent location.

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A Christian college in Virginia begins a new school year after losing half of its faculty last semester due to a dispute over the Bible's role in academics.

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Dominionist group threatens disfellowship of son of founder

Calvary Chapel, a group that is a "granddaughter" church of the Assemblies of God (through it being founded via a split from Assemblies daughter-denomination International Foursquare) and being one of the major groups promoting in particular the "Kingdom Now Theology" variants of dominion theology (including its attendant spiritual-warfare movements) is probably best known, at least among readers of Dark Christianity, as being the centre of a massive religiocasting empire largely conducted through translator networks (in fact, it's been estimated by multiple sources that fully a third to half of the translator-based religious broadcasting in the US is directly from Calvary Chapel churches, and they are also responsible for much of the "translator invasion" and license hijacking occuring with legit LPFM broadcast license spots).

Less well known, but still of importance, is the fact that Calvary Chapel is one of the major promoters of deliverance ministry, a major component of pentecostal dominionism that uses tactics indistinguishable from those used in Scientology, and is also the primary plaintiff in attempts to sue the University of California college system due to the latter's rejection of dominionist curricula packages as being educationally substandard for purposes of college admissions.

It's also been documented that many of the same sorts of spiritual abuse that occur throughout pente dominionist groups in particular associated with "Kingdom Now" theology are rampant in Calvary Chapel (abuse which is often systemic, is part of the base theology of these groups, and in practice makes it almost impossible for real reform to occur in pente and neopente dominionist churches); this is now showing up with a real threat that the son of Calvary Chapel's own founder and their church may be expelled for being "too liberal".

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Has anyone seen this?

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]rubygloomrox)

Sorry if it's a repost, but I went back a few pages and hadn't seen it. It's a trailer for the movie Jesus Camp. At first I thought it was some sort of joke, but it's not. It's kind of scary. IMDB calls it a documentary on kids who attend summer camp hoping to be the next Billy Graham.
I just found it seriously disturbing. Supposedly the movie is actually sort of damning to the movement and it's meant to be disturbing. So I just thought I'd call it to attention if it's not already.

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