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Here's something you don't see everyday.



Religious book points 9/11 finger at Bush

By Richard N. Ostling
Associated Press

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has tumbled into a new dispute over the Sept. 11 attacks of five years ago.

Its Presbyterian Publishing Corp. has issued "Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11" (Westminster John Knox), containing perhaps the most incendiary accusations leveled by a writer for a mainline Protestant book house.
Author David Ray Griffin tells of concluding that "the Bush-Cheney administration had orchestrated 9/11 in order to promote this (American) empire under the pretext of the so-called war on terror."

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Warren Jeffs arrested

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NY Times article here.

Apparently Warren Jeffs was arrested after a routine traffic stop. The officer recognized him from the 10 Most Wanted list even though he, at first, gave an alias.

Some quotes from the article:

“Part of his mystique was that God was protecting him and he couldn’t be taken,” said Mark Shurtleff, the Utah attorney general, who has led the crackdown there.

“Many contemporary Mormons complain that everybody associates them with polygamy, and in fact they’re the most antipolygamy people you could meet,” said Sarah Barringer Gordon, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School who teaches religious history and the law of church and state.

Steve Martinez, special agent in charge of the F.B.I.’s Las Vegas field office, said a search of the vehicle uncovered laptop computers, cellphones, the wigs and $50,000.

The main difference I can see between Warren Jeffs and Domionist groups is that Jeffs was willing to accept total control of a small group of people and withdraw from the larger US society, while Dominionists want the same level of control, ultimately, they just want it over everyone.

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Mormon polygamist finally busted

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You may have noted the story that Warren Jeffs, he of 40 wives and 70 children, has been corralled. I guess fatigue finally caught up to him. (Story.)

But let me tell you, the polygamy isn't anywhere near the best part of this wingnut's tale. I was recently scouring the Web for some resources to use in a little project I'm working on, and came across audio of some of his "teachings." The Heaven this boy is trying to fuck his way into is one more wack-ass place, and I feel certain that I wouldn't be welcome.

The level of racism, homophobia, and sheer breathtaking ignorance expressed by Jeffs is almost Phelpsian. Maybe it's fair to say that he's dumber than the Rev. Fred, but probably not nearly as mean. So call it a kinder, stupider form of hate.

I pulled a few of the mp3s together for your listening enjoyment (there are probably more out on the Internets somewhere). Feel free to download and share with your friends. I guess my favorite is his take on The Beatles...


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The war of language

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GOP using the term facist in conjuction with war on terror. Amazing the twist of language going on.

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A Question to ask Dominionists

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]jarandhel)

I'd like to propose an interesting new question to ask Dominionists. I'd like to see this question asked a lot, because I think it would really show people what Dominionists are ultimately all about. Here's the question:

"Let's say you got everything you wanted. Let's say you made the US a Christian nation right now, today, with no further resistance. Homosexuality is illegal. Abortion is illegal. Teachers lead students in prayer at the beginning of each school day, Christian monuments are erected on public land with public funds, and the US Supreme Court rules that all US Law, including the constitution, is based on and subordinate to Biblical Law...

... when do we declare war on Canada?"

Chances are, the person you are asking (unless they have heard this before) is going to be taken aback. So will the listeners. "Why would we want to invade Canada?", or some variant on that question is asked.

Simple: you're willing to use the force of law to declare homosexuality illegal in your country, because it is God's Will. And, as a Christian nation, it is your sworn duty to uphold God's will. That is why you are willing to use the power of the government, up to and including physical and potentially lethal force should the person resist arrest, to stop the sin of sodomy. So why on earth would you not also use force against a nation blatantly going against God's Will by allowing not only free homosexuals, but *gasp, shock, horror* legal gay marriage??

Same with Abortion, too... if you believe abortion is murder, then why would you not advocate the US declare war on any nation allowing it? After all, Abortion is another holocaust, right? Surely that's a good reason to go to war, just like the "Greatest Generation" did?

Isn't it?

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Its...survey time!


From time to time, as the population climbs in this community, I like to take a poll to get an idea what the 'mix' is here. One of the interesting things about this community is that we have the religious equivalent of 'dogs and cats living together' without the problems such mixtures generally create.

This has actually gained positive notice in a few places, believe it or not.

So, with that in mind, I will post two questions: what faith group you are in, and where you're from. I will also ask, and you can put it in comments, how you found this community.

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ETA: Apologies for having Jedi, but not Sith, or Asatru. I ran out of ticky boxes.

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The evil extends even into literature, yea and verily....



Warning: do not have anything liquid in your mouth when reading.

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