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Religion and geopolitics

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Religion and geopolitics; Lebanon, Israel, Christian Zionism
by bewareofthegod.com

American Jewish citizens can be sure that a large number of Jewish organizations will claim to speak in our name - without being asked to do so. We can also be sure that should we dissent from the US Jewish community’s central item of faith, that Israel can do no wrong, we will be pilloried. When our gentile fellow citizens express doubt, they are accused of anti-Semitism. Those of us who are Jewish are taxed with self-hatred.

Is it the supreme duty of American Jews to use our considerable influence to align US policy with that of Israel?


Read Norman Birnbaum’s whole 5 August 2006 investigation and analysis in The Nation.

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Interesting juxtaposition of the two articles. We need to remember that much US foreign policy right now plays directly into the desires of people like Falwell. And we need to vote with that thought firmly in mind in the upcoming mid-term elections as well.

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Religon and Science: A Coexistence is Possible

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I found this story on the SFGate.com site: Findng my religion: Leader of the Human Genome Project argues in a new book that science and religion can coexist happily
Excerpt from the Interview:

You said in your book that your scientific explorations had a lot to do with convincing you that God exists. Can you cite some aspects of your research that particularly confirmed God's existence for you?

Everything I do as a scientist reinforces my sense of God's presence because every new discovery is, if you believe in his role as creator, a glimpse into his mind. And I find that very meaningful and satisfying to be able to have the experience of discovery by both the natural world unveiling itself and also getting a glimpse into what God's plan was.

Science and Christianity needs more like this guy

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