Dark Christianity
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Kathleen Parker Explains it All

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Rest easy, everyone! The dominionists aren't a threat after all! We're just paranoid conspiracy wackos!

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Quote of the Day


"Advocates of mutually exclusive paradigms are in an insidious position: Though each may hope to convert the other to his way of seeing... neither may hope to prove his case. The competition between paradigms is not the sort of battle that can be resolved by proof."

--Thomas S. Kuhn

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Another good quote

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"Apparently the Creator likes diversity a lot more than we do." - Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, evangelical lesbian on Speaking of Faith

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Rather than reproducing it here, I'm going to link to this post in another community because it has a lot of links embedded in it. It's about an anti-gay activist right-wing Christian who is claiming that the latest perversion engaged in by gays is sex with INFANTS.


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Jesus Camp, the documentary

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There's a documentary titled Jesus Camp that is soon to be released in cinemas, covering a dominionist summer camp in North Dakota. I'm sure we're going to be hearing a lot more about this when it's gone beyond the film-festival circuit.

In the meantime, here's the film's official site, and here is David Byrne's review. Looks like this may indeed help expose to wider audiences how insidious dominionism has become.

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Notes on Michelle Goldbreg talk

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Michelle Goldberg is on C-SPAN2 right now. So much good info I can't keep up.

- The Pink Swastika - book which contends that the Nazis were essentially a gay group. The top link when I googled it was The Annotated Pink Swastika, which refutes the claims of the book.

- A quote by Pam Stenzel, an abstince-only speaker and graduate of Liberty University, the gist of which was 'STDs aren't the problem, teen pregnancy isn't the problem, the possibility of children spending eternity seperated from God is the problem.'

- The Christian Right treats secularism as a religion, thus they argue that their alternatives deserve equal time to a secular norm; IE 'it's only fair to each Evolution and ID'

- Christian Right teaches individuals how to run for school boards, what rhetoric to use. Opposition doesn't have this.

- Culture War, Christian Right fighting against Enlightenment ideas.

- Myth: New Deal & Great Society hurt religious social solutions.

At 7ET Ann Coulter will discuss "Godless" Let's see how long I can bear to watch that...

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Notes on Ann Coulter talk

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As I promised. Most of it is the run of the mill conservative axe-grinds, so I won't bother to discuss them here. Quotes are direct quotes, unless I transcribed incorrectly. Italics are my opinions. Hopefully knowledge of the Christian Right's simplistic and pedantic, yet obviously enticing talking points will help us fight the good fight:

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More controversy in Ohio

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Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell and the new "I Voted Today" stickers

So apparently Blackwell slid a reference to evangelical character building programs into the stickers without anyone's knowledge, and he seems to be catching a bit of heat over it. At first blush, this looks like a lot of furor over a very little thing. On the other hand, the old saw says, "when you give them an inch, they'll take a mile."

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