Dark Christianity
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Very thought-provoking, if intellectually pretentious, article on the psychology of Fundamentalism. Further down the page, the thread contains a photo of a new consumer product: a "rod" made specifically for Christians to beat their children with!

Here's where those Homeland Security surveillance systems might come in handy. People who order this implement of Satan should receive a home visit from Social Services.


"I know you're a Christian, but who are you a Christian against?"

[Note that the guy who moderates this forum is a Coptic Christian and used to run a shelter for abused children.]

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Baptist Colleges and Universities Severing Ties with Denomination

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]dagoski) I just found an interesting article in the NY Times article about Baptist colleges breaking away from the convention.   The deans and presidents of the campus cite restrictions on academic freedom as the prime cause.  As Dr. Crouch of Georgetown College said “From my point of view, it was about academic freedom.  I sat for 25 years and watched my denomination become much more narrow and, in terms of education, much more interested in indoctrination.’’

Based on comments I've seen in the community, the Baptists seem to be splitting apart due to the hard line shift to authortarianism in the convention.  Now it looks like some its member institutions have had enough as well.

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