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The Role of Pharmacists in the Medication Machine


"Consider this scenario.

A woman walks into a bank, and up to the teller's window. You are the teller. She pulls out a check from her purse, made out to her in the amount of $5,000. She slips it under the teller window, to you, and asks you to cash it for her. You look at the check--its from a casino. Uh oh. You are against gambling in any form whatsoever. You think its immoral and wrong, a sin!! Its against your religion and beliefs to condone such a practice, therefore you refuse to cash the check. Its against your beliefs, so why should you be made complicit in the rampant, sinful gambling of others, right? Right???"

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I'm getting really, really sick of any debate, discussion, et al about gay rights. There's never any compromise, never any respect. It's always the same bullshit.

Take this for example. Some one posts a study that suggests there are causations in birth patterns that contribute to homosexuality. The overwhelming response consists of "Just because it's biological doesn't make it morally okay", and "Lol where's the beastiality gene?"

I hate it. I simply hate it. There is no way for either side to talk to one another. As someone said, gay rights is an argument of absurdities; one side sees it as absurd that gays are denied rights, and the other sees it as absurd to consider giving them rights.

I hate this "because it's immoral that means we won't let it happen". Immorality should not be legislated. Immorality is none of the law's business. Just because it offends people doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. Expecting it to exist does not mean that you expect everyone to accept it; there is no law against being a bigot.

It utterly infuriates me that no matter what is said, the Right is always going to say "They're trying to invade our church." No, no one can, it is legally impossible. The government bends over backwards to avoid forcing anything on the churches. The best example being a catholic who wanted to re-marry, the church wouldn't let her, so she sued; the Government responded "Go to another church, we ain't forcing them". So the Right hides behind this "They're going to marry in our church" as some sort of rallying banner that doesn't hold legal water.

It utterly infuriates me that there's this "threat to society", that the word "marriage" is somehow demeaned, and society is going to break apart. Yet, at the same time, it doesn't help when the gay rights advocates say "Gay marriage or nothing", knowing full well that the country supports civil unions. Yes, I know seperate but equal doesn't work, but demanding all or nothing does not help the cause when society isn't ready for the cause, when the political climate is ready to lynch any "activist judge" that interprets anti-marriage bans as unconstitutional. It just gives the other side all the ammo they need.

Nothing new will ever be said about this until the courts handle it, nothing new will ever come of any argument, so it all just feels useless and utterly disgusting. And I just cannot continue to talk to people who do not consider homosexuality part of the human condition, but just some selfish hedonistic fad, or worse, some perversion comparable with screwing animals and children. And it makes me tired, so tired to continually see people fall into the trap of arguing over it.

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