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dogemperor [userpic]
Thomas Jefferson: Secular Humanist

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Part of what I find interesting about this article is that it comes out of West Virginia. <sarcasm> From what little I know of that part of the country, I would expect this article to be a prelude to a lynching. </sarcasm> Regardless of it's origin, this article is worth the time to read it.

MANN TALK: Thomas Jefferson: Secular Humanist

I read often the Christian Coalition’s claim that America’s Founding Fathers were Christian, that the Constitution is Christian and that American is a Christian nation; but that secular humanism, the anti-Christ, has grown and is seducing the youth, corrupting the nation, and enticing all to slouch to Gomorrah.

It may be that America is nearing the pit of perdition but secular humanism has nothing to do with it. If it did, the nation would have long ago perished from moral decay; for one of the most influential and powerful of the Founding Fathers was a closet humanist; and there were other humanists among the Founders who practiced discretion in revealing their religious beliefs, knowing the wisdom of keeping their consciences to themselves, particularly in those days when Cotton Mather’s kin were still sniffing out heretics and witches.
The claim that the Founding Fathers of this nation were Christian is often heard. How any thinking person still believes it is beyond me. It really does go to the heart of the ongoing church / state separation debate.

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