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More on HPV

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Merck, one of the companies that recently developed an HPV vaccine, is offering free bracelet kits and donating $1 to the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation for each kit ordered.

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Rep. Tom Brinkman introduced a bill in Ohio that would ban all abortions, no exceptions, and make it a felony to "transport" a woman across state lines for an abortion. I guess that means she'd have to drive herself, regardless of whether she was medically able to do so or not....


And here's an interview on someone's blog with Rep. Brinkman, who doesn't seem to care that women will die if his ban is passed. Note that he's quite clear that unwanted babies should be adopted regardless of whether the woman wants to be pregnant or not.... http://www.andrewwarner.org/2006/06/rep-tom-brinkman-answers-few-brief.html

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Something light for your friday

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Congressman Westmoreland, what are the ten commandments?

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Interesting article by way of Black Box Voting ..

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Some Might Call It Treason: An Open Letter to Salon

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