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Using Children as 'God's Army'


From AlterNet.org

A new documentary chronicles a summer camp where children, as young as six, are trained to become devout Christian soldiers. )

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Did religion play a part in postponing FDA Approval of Plan B?

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CBSNews article here

Did the Bush White House pressure the Food and Drug Administration to block the "Morning After Pill," known as Plan B, from being sold over-the-counter at your local drug store? That question is the focus of a hearing in federal court on June 13, where birth control advocates have sued the FDA to make the drug available without a prescription.

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Neo-Con/Theocrat Catch-22?

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Apparently, global warming is increasing rates of evolution. I love the quote here

Wow, what a catch-22! They can continue to ignore global warming but risk causing the body of evidence in favor of evolution to grow even faster, thus making it more difficult to sneak religious ideas in classrooms. On the other hand, if they try to reverse climate change, they'll have to actually admit that global warming is real and caused by humans.
See the original article in the National Geographic magazine. Thanks, [info]jokermage, for bringing this one to my attention.

Minor plug: you really should go see An Inconvenient Truth, if you have not already done so.

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Paid account expiring


Hiya, folks-

I just got notice from Live Journal that the paid account for this community is expiring shortly. We've grown pretty huge in the last year (784 registered users at last count), so it's worth it to keep the paid account and its perks.

Wanna pitch in? You can make a donation towards the renewal ($25 for a year) here.

Use the "Gift" option, and plug dark_christian into the username blank!

Thank you very much for helping to keep this community going!

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I'm hoping for the "Yojimbo" outcome.

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Left Behind: Eternal Forces vs. Jack Thompson. ROUND ONE FIGHT!

The Christian supremacist video game Left Behind: Eternal Forces has drawn the wrath of conservative Christian attorney Jack Thompson. He has denounced and cut ties with Tyndale House, publisher of the Left Behind novels that inspired the video game, and he is now threatening a lawsuit over its licensing of the game. Talk to Action has obtained a letter from Mr. Thompson in which he has urged Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, Ph.D., to join him in repudiating Tyndale House.

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