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dogemperor [userpic]
Deleted thread


I had to delete the Mormon holocaust baptism thread because (a) it was off-topic, and (b) it was degenerating into bashing.

Remember, bashing has no place here, no matter how offensive the practice being bashed might be. There are many other places to cuss and discuss such things. There will always be those who impose their beliefs upon others, and will not listen to any kind of argument against their practices. This kind of spiritual arrogance is very common- even in its most innocent forms. We must understand that these things can and will happen, find a way to cope with it in a civil manner, and move on.

We are dealing with real-life religious arrogance here- the arrogance of certain sects who believe that their beliefs are superior to all others (unpalatable, but ultimately acceptable- this is part of freedom of religion) but who wish to impose these beliefs upon others by force of law (mixing religion and government is unacceptable). It is the latter which sorts the spiritual from the actual. We must remember this and pay close attention to this difference. It is critical to do so.

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