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US government sued by porn domain



Tie me up tie me down

By Nick Farrell: Monday 22 May 2006, 06:26

AN OUTFIT which was behind an idea to bring in a .XXX domain name as a virtual red light district has sued the US government for using strong arm tactics to shoot down the idea.

ICM Registry is suing Department of Commerce and the Department of State for access to documents it claims show the US pressured ICANN into rejecting the domain.

The lawsuit will claim that the US "exerted undue political influence on ICANN's consideration of the .xxx domain application" which is illegal.

So far the documents seen by ICM include emails show that National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) reversed its backing of the .xxx application, after lobbying from conservative groups, then set about trying to persuade foreign governments to back its position.

ICM claims the documents show that the US government "solicit[ed] foreign government intervention to achieve DoC's domestic political goals".

One of the people it wanted to appease were the Family Research Council and Focus On The Family, which are two right-wing outfits run by radio host James Dobson.

Dobson was responsible for winning Bush a lot of anti-gay votes in the last election and there is an indication in the emails that the NTIA was scared of him.

One email said that "What really matters in this mess is Jim Dobson… What he says on his radio program in the morning will determine how ugly this really gets." Apparently he did weigh in against the .XXX and his listeners all sent in emails complaining about the idea.

Whether or not the .XXX porn idea would have worked, the emails show dependant supposedly independent organisations like ICANN is in fear of the US's so called moral majority.

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Dominionist Financial Plan?


I talked about this in my journal, and I figured that it would be best mentioning it here.

The Timothy Plan

The Timothy Plan® is a family of mutual funds offering individuals, like yourself, a biblical choice when it comes to investing. If you are concerned with the moral issues (abortion, pörnography, anti-family entertainment, non-married lifestyles, alcohol, tobacco and gambling) that are destroying children and families you have come to the right place.

The Timothy Plan® avoids investing in companies that are involved in practices contrary to Judeo-Christian principles. Our goal is to recapture traditional American values. We are America's first pro-life, pro-family, biblically-based mutual fund group.

Basically, they are out to "reform" the financial sect of America. Their Hall of Shame is rather interesting, especially noticing how many popular companies are on that list.

Here is something I found interesting:

While cultural conservatives focused their efforts on schools, churches, state houses, and Main Streets, environmentalists, animal rights activists, homosexuals and feminists wielded their power as corporate shareholders to change corporate policy.

A bit of a weird sentence, but basically they are saying that environmentalists, animal rights activists, homosexuals, and feminists are against God. Except for gays, I can't really see why those people would be a threat... or perhaps it just shows how dark their agenda really is.

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Notes on yesterday's State of Belief

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]jehovahsfitness)

Yesterday's episode of State of Belief was a special edition about how IRD, Association for Church Renewal and other related groups are taking over Protestant denominations. Here's notes I took while listening.

IRD original purpose: to try to counter liberation theology in Latin America.
Half of the money IRD spends is on the UMC.

UCC "renewal" groups:
Biblical Witness Fellowship
Faithful and Welcoming

SBC takeover groups:
Council for National Policy
Religious Roundtable

What strikes me is that the puppet masters here have secular interests. Coors, Scaife, etc are neo-imperalists who are concerned only with economic dominion, and are manipulating religious groups and individuals to achieve their ends.

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Madeline Albright on religious rhetoric



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State of Belief podcast now available


If you are interested in listening to the podcast of "State of Belief", the MP3 download is here.

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