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Ralph Reed Embraces 'Blatant Adultering Cousin-Fucker'


"The religious right talks about adherence to high moral standards, and castigates politicians who do not adhere to its professed values - most of the time. But when it is expedient politically and financially, religious right leaders such as Ralph Reed like to cozy up to bigwig politicos, even those who wipe their feet on so-called issues like "the sanctity of marriage." Here's the latest hypocrisy fest case in point."

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Nation article: Taking Back the Faith

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This article came up in my email today. It's from The Nation last month, and you may have seen it already. I mention it again because the author, Dan Wakefield, who has written The Hijacking of Jesus, will "be speaking with author Susan Jacoby this Monday, May 22, in New York City, in a discussion of what role, if any, religion should play in politics."

The Hijacking of Jesus: A Conversation Between Dan Wakefield and Susan Jacoby
Monday, May 22nd, 7:00 pm
The Riverside Church, Assembly Hall, 490 Riverside Drive, NYC
Free admission.
Sponsored by Nation Books and co-sponsored by The Riverside Church Mission and Social Justice Ministry
For more information click here or call (212) 209-5442.

If you happen to be close enough to NYC to attend, you might want to do so. I would if I could.

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Pat Robertson outs himself as racist

...guess who just admitted to not only being a racist, but also managing to combine two of the nastiest urban legends in the dominionist community?

Yup. It's Pat(tm)!

JewsOnFirst (which is becoming a *wonderful* resource in fighting dominionism, as good as DefCon America in some ways) has posted the following article in which Pat Robertson manages to combine two common dominionist urban legends for purposes of demonising Americans United.

The first--which has been promoted increasingly heavily over the past few years--is the idea that abortion was developed as a method of "backdoor" genocide of African-Americans. (There are in fact entire sites that are dedicated to this, and it's a major way in which dominionism is infiltrating the African-American community.)

The second--and possibly more pernicious--urban legend has to do with claims that Martin Luther King Jr. was a Communist. (These claims originally started during the 1960s, have been traced specifically to J. Edgar Hoover (who wished to take advantage of the Red Scare to demonise King), and are today promoted by such charming groups as the neo-Nazi website Stormfront. Of interesting note, the *other* major group that has persistently claimed Martin Luther King Jr. was a Red is none other than the dominionists--and there is a considerable amount of overlap. (None other than Tony Snow, who was tapped to become the press secretary for the White House recently, has verifiable connections to the racist Stormfront--to say nothing of dominionists who are members of the Constitution Party.)

Pat, in typical Pat Style, has combined the two urban legends in what sounds like a game of Illuminati as follows:

a) The ACLU and the International Communist Conspiracy, controlling Planned Parenthood and Americans United, use Martin Luther King Jr. to play the "First Thing We Do, Let's Abort All The Black Babies" card against the True Believers.

Media Matters also has documented this bizarre combination of urban legends.

(EDIT: Fixed botched HTML. Thanks, those of you who notified me of this)

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Dan Wakefield's speaking schedule


Regarding Dan Wakefield and his book The Hijacking of Jesus (mentioned in the community post immediately preceding this one), appearances by him in various cities around the country can be found at his website by clicking here, although it needs updating. Looks like he'll also be in Washington DC on this coming Sunday night, along with the previously mentioned appearance at Riverside Church in NYC, next Monday.

I'm proud to say that I booked one of his first appearances for this book at Coliseum Books while I was still living in New York--that one happened back in March.

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The "pre-pregnant" recommendations, revisited.

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Okay, everyone, because I was still unconvinced (and because my daughter appears to be so happy in my uterus that she's not willing to come on time) I did a bit more research, with the help of a few friends who looked up some links. Here's what I found.

The first is a link to a brief summary, basically stating that the spin that was put on the CDC report was from the Washington Post and is not reflected in the actual recommendations:


Another take on basically the same thing:

The link to the CDC report:


And now, a few quotes with comments, from the CDC report itself.

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Part deux of the Robertson Weather Channel...

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An 'update' from the Robertson Weather Channel...!

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Students Who Pray May Have to Do So at School

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This article is interesting, to say the least

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I found this piece on titusonenine, the personal blog of a dominionist Episcopalian priest. His commentators were torn on weather or not forcing Moslem students to pray in school rather then letting them out early on fridays to go to a mosque is a good thing.

I say that it's bad all way round, violating both the student's freedom of religion and the separation of church and state. I say either let the Moslem students go to their mosques, or force them to stay in class with everyone else.

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