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Georgia Tech and intolerance...?


Has anyone heard this story that two Georgia Institute of Technology students (1 Christian, 1 Jewish) are suing the school over their tolerance policies, and their belief that they're being discriminated against because they believe that homosexuality is wrong and they're obliged to speak their minds over it? There is more to the story, but I've only seen it in my local newspaper.

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Inside this morning's program . . .


Inserted inside the weekly program at my mother's church (part of the Southern Baptist Convention, btw) is a flyer that asks in large, boldface letters: DO YOU BELIEVE MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN ONE MAN AND ONE WOMAN? And then it goes on to encourage churchgoers to visit http://www.protectmarriageillinois.org/ and download petitions that, when enough signatures are affixed, will be presented to Illinois state legislators, demanding that they pass laws that will deny the right of non-traditional companions to make their unions legal and binding in the eyes of the State of Illinois. Although the pastor called attention to a flyer being inside the program, he didn't comment on its contents. I gather that most political talk is left to discussion in Sunday School, smaller meetings, etc.

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Sunday school classes for pre-schoolers? (Hope this isn't off-topic.)

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Are there any studies currently on what pre-school Sunday school classes are like for Dominionist groups (or does anyone know if there is a website for the SBC where they recommend lessons for toddlers and pre-schoolers)?

Why I'm asking: My father wants to take my son to a Baptist church (I'm not entirely sure that it's a part of the SBC, but I do know one of the deacons and I can already tell you he would not be too accepting of us if he knew anything about us as I know he holds ideas about homosexuality and such that would probably run in agreement with the SBC). My son is only 26 months old, and seeing as I'm not Christian, I'm more than hesitant about it. My parents are trying to push the "he needs to be around kids his own age" angle on me, and that makes me feel so guilty about sticking to our "no church until he's older" rule. He isn't currently around children his own age, I admit that, but I worry about what might be said around him and to him.

See, my son is very perceptive and has a good grasp on language even if he doesn't talk a whole lot right now. He understands what we say, and can follow instruction very well. So, I'm not sure I can agree with my mom when she says "He won't know what's going on." I think he will know more than what my parents seem to think.

I was just wondering if there are studies available regarding the affect such groups have on young children? Or at least, what I might expect for him to experience in such a setting? (For example, is he young enough that he'd just be in a daycare like setting where he got to play, or would there be something more? I remember very little from before the age of four with my Sunday School experience.)

Edit: Thank you all for your input. I was venting when I originally posted (got slammed by so many things at once plus this thing). I'm going to take away my mom's argument for peer interaction by contacting a (hopefully) secular parenting group and seeing if/when they have playgroups for children his age. If the church issue is pushed even after this, and my dad decides to suddenly get religious for the first time in my entire life, then I will fall back on my tactic of quoting the Bible and expressing my right to raise my son in a religion of my choosing (or no religion if I so choose). Also, hopefully I can work out a gas budget so I can attempt to check out the Unitarian church I've been hearing about.

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Baptists Call for Public School Support

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