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Oh, HELL no.

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Senator Wants to Tap Controversial General

By LIZ SIDOTI, Associated Press Writer Mon Apr 3, 7:23 PM ET

WASHINGTON - A Senate Republican wants an Army general who drew criticism for church speeches casting the war on terrorism in religious terms to lead the U.S. special operations command.

In a letter to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld, Sen. George Allen, R-Va., recommended Lt. Gen. William G. (Jerry) Boykin, currently the Pentagon's deputy undersecretary for intelligence, for the post in Tampa, Fla. Read more... )

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Ah damn, don't celebrate yet :(

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I heard earlier that Tom DeLay had decided not to run this year for his Congress seat and that he would be stepping down just after he gets some of the final things in the House appropriations committee finished.

That SHOULD be cause for much celebration (I was trying to find the pointy hats, noise makers, and fireworks).

But it's not (hold that celebration, put down the noise maker and walk away...).

Theory has been that he's quitting because his aid was convicted of fraud last week. And that probably did hit home for him (that piece of iceburg is getting mighty slim).

But the other "real" reason strikes fear in my heart. He is quoted as saying he's quitting to work to bring RELIGION AND GOVERNMENT TOGETHER.

Lovely. (not). He's going to be crowned "Grand Inquisitor" for the rabid set.

As much as I want to dance on this, I see some real bad stuff coming out of this new endeavor of his.

At least when he was a Congrescritter, he was a "known" quantity that there could be some chance of holding him responsible for his actions toward those goals.

yeah, time to put up the party supplies, no joy here. One more idiot to put on the "watch list"

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Did anybody catch Charlie rose on pbs last night? he wasn't there so bill moyers was filling in, and there was some old guy,, an author who wrote a book about religion and the mechanics of how religion works, how they influence their followers and so forth. I majorly channel surf when I crash into bed but I watched the entire thing but never caught his name or the name of his book. Hoiping someone here caught it.

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Who Are The Real Philistines?


This is from my client. Dow Jones, in the Weekend Version of the Wall Street Journal. I found it very interesting and thought others here might find it interesting as well.


(From the Wall Street Journal, Saturday, April 1, 2001)

Who Are The Real Philistines?

In this battle of the culture wars, the answer may surprise you

by Terry Teachout

A Colorado teacher was put on leave by her superintendent last month after showing a video of excerpts from "Faust"to one of her classes. Some parents, it seems, didn't want their kids to see an opera about a devil. Around the same time a principal in Fulton, Mo. cancelled a student production of "The Crucible"when he learned that the play was about witches.
Read more... )

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